Customized Islamic Gifts in Kuwait

Customized Islamic Gifts in Kuwait

Customized Islamic Gifts in Kuwait

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Give each other gift and you will love each other.” (Al-Adab al-Mufrad 594 – Al Bukhari) Islam being religion of love and tranquility encourages empathy, endurance and above all strengthening the bonds through sharing, donating and exchanging gifts. Gifts are meant to convey sentiments and honor the recipient. Gift does not […]

Digital Photo Printing Kuwait

May 7, 2018 Copy Center by admin
There was a time when taking pictures and getting them developed was considered expensive. You had to get all set for a family photograph, giving the best expressions and trying to avoid any re-takes. Those rarely taken photographs were then framed or put in family photo albums as family keepsakes. With modernization and technological advancement, […]
Digital Printed T-shirts

Custom Design T Shirts | Digital Printed T-shirts

T-shirt is a very functional piece of clothing both for formal and informal wear. They are easy to carry and are quite inexpensive. They are popular among men, women and children alike. T-shirts have become an essential part of every clothing brand. They are available in variety of fabrics, colors, styles and designs. T-shirts are […]
Digital Printing on Fabric

Digital Printing on Fabric | Digital Fabric Printing

Apr 23, 2018 Copy Center by admin
There are several types of fabrics and so are utilizations. Digitalization has not only revolutionized print and IT industry, it has given a new outlook to textile industry. Digital printing has opened new horizons for not only fashion designers but has also been widely utilized by people belonging to education, healthcare, logistics, merchandising and marketing […]
Digital Printing Services

Digital Printing | Digital Printing Services and Solutions

Apr 23, 2018 Copy Center by admin
Imagine the time when printing press was not invented and everything had to be written by hand. Life became much easier with the invention of printing press and now with digital printing, getting huge number of prints has become a matter of few clicks. Digital printing, with its ability to print on multiple substrates has […]
Event Organizers in Kuwait

Event Organizers in Kuwait | Events Management in Kuwait

Corporate events and meet ups are very important for businesses as they provide a platform and an opportunity to introduce new products and services, share ideas and discuss future strategies with employees, business associates and clients. These events can be conferences, conventions, trade shows, incentive events and galas. In order for these events to be […]

Interior Design Kuwait – Interior Design Company in Kuwait

A place where people live and work should not only be comfortable, it should also be functional and beautiful. The art of visualizing, creating and maintaining beautiful homes and offices is called interior designing. Interior designing has transitioned into a profession, with people studying effective use of space with planning and functional designs. With interior […]
National Day Stickers Printing Services

National Day Stickers Printing Services- Custom Stickers – Personalized Stickers

Feb 12, 2018 Copy Center by admin
Alhafiz Co. is a Kuwait based enterprise that provides fully customized services and products to individuals and businesses from diverse backgrounds coming with specific needs and requirements. Futuristic equipment and modern techniques allow us to tailor best possible solutions for signage, printing, binding and gifting needs. To meet the timelines, Alhafiz Co. has geared up […]
Kuwait National Day Booths

Kuwait National Day Booths – Hala February Booths

“Hala February” the national month of annual festivities and celebrations, brings lots of events, expos and exhibitions. Due to moderate weather, variety of activities, events and carnivals are arranged by public and private sector organizations that encourage participation of people through special gifts and promotional giveaways. It is a great time for big and small […]
Hala February Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands Kuwait – Exhibition Stands Designing Kuwait

Trade shows and exhibitions are best part of national day celebrations. National events bring great opportunities for big and small businesses to reach larger clientele in less time. Face-to-face meetings with existing and potential customers and instant feedback about products and services help business owners set realistic goals for future. Hala Feb is a whole […]