Alhafiz Co. offers wide variety of printing and scanning services at our copy center in Kuwait. We have regular commercial scanners to large format scanners that convert documents and drawings into machine readable form. Color scanning is offered to those who require documents and drawings in their original colors to retain detailed graphic information. Black & white or grey scale scanning on the other hand is faster, more accurate and yields better results. Scanned images are delivered through email or copied on CD or USB flash memories.

Equipped with modern and technologically advanced scanners, we can scan books, photographs, documents, technical drawings, brochures and manuals. Scanning service is available for regular and large format paper dimensions including A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0. Large format scanning is offered in both colored and black & white options. We have provided scanning services to students print and design professionals, architects, engineers and business professionals. We have gained trust through quality services and affordability.