Wood is one of the ancient substrates to preserve memories. Photo sticking on wood gives you a new perspective on how amazing images and photographs can look. Keeping up with the trends and new ideas is the agenda of Alhafiz Co. Wood is a durable and sustainable substrate. By sticking photos on wood they are preserved for longer period of time and give a vintage look. Photos printed on paper can be glued to wood with a clear coat on them for longevity. Matte or glossy surfaced photos can be achieved through special coatings to add finest finish. Perfect combination can be created through bright colored photographs pasted against natural colors of wood. A photo pasted on wood is a great display of love for nature as well and will add to the beauty of the home and office interiors. Visit Alhafiz Co. with your family photographs, personal artwork or corporate images and let us turn them into beautiful wall art or unique addition to cornice decor.