Pictures are a great way to preserve memories, unforgettable moments, commemorate milestones and remember good times. Family photos are a great way to pass on the memories from one generation to the next. In this era of mobile phone cameras, that charm of printed photos is lost. Everyone has thousands of images but hardly any printed photograph to keep and cherish.

Personalized picture frames are a great way to revive the tradition of printed memories. A family photograph in a beautiful glass frame, placed on cornice will get attention whenever you pass by it. Alhafiz Co. is an acclaimed provider of glass stands and photo glass frame printing service in Kuwait. Customized Glass Frames are great options for corporate gifting, wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation and other special events. Alhafiz Co. specializes in designing and printing glass photo frames that will add a touch of sophistication and delicacy and make them perfect for family and corporate pictures. Our services include printing on glass frames, digital glass screen large photo printing and photo frame printing service are best options to keep treasured photos printed on glass. Call or message us for queries or request a quote through our website. Our team will assist you in getting the perfect glass frame to fit your need.