Wood is the most ancient and natural substrate, is widely used for a variety of purposes. Wood can be cut into a variety of shapes and can be used to create impressive outdoor signs. Al-Hafiz from last 16 years is providing successful wood cutting services in Kuwait. Woodcutting and engraving service by Al-Hafiz Co. is a display of skilled craftsmanship. 3D letters and shapes are created out of wood and used for outdoor displays. A combination of letters, numbers, and shapes can be created in a variety of colors, fonts, thickness, and sizes. 3D wooden letters in Kuwait can also be used for indoor display as wall hangings and stand-alone letters.

Our talented staff members aim at providing unique wood engraving in Kuwait. They can engrave anything you want on the surface of the wood. Being made on order and customized, 3D wooden letters by Al-Hafiz Co. are creatively designed and cut to perfection to match themes. We keep an eye on every single piece in order to keep a higher level of perfection.