Interior signage is a great way to get the optimum level of attention in very little time. With the advancement in technology, the concept of advertisement and marketing has been greatly revolutionized. Plain and boring advertisement boards and banners have been replaced with modernized signage that has the ability to cater to the needs of diverse environments and can be customized for a variety of corporate requirements.

Al-Hafiz Co. offers a wide variety of interior signage in Kuwait. We with our interior signage services take care of specified customer requirements. The interior signage solutions in Kuwait that we provide are durable hence cost-effective, easy to maintain and dynamic. We are also the leading service provider of:

  • Welcome Interior Signs: that can be used in hotel receptions, hospitals, colleges and universities.
  • Way finding Signs: in sub way stations, airports, hospitals and shopping malls. They can be mounted in form of finger post signs, wall mounted or hanging solution.
  • They can be set up as notice boards in educational institutes and medical facilities and can be designed in a way that entries can be changed or updated.
  • Door signs can be used for names of offices and employees. They can be interchangeable, back lit and illuminated/non illuminated signs.
  • Display Signs: These signs can be standing, wall mounted, hanging, table top display and portable. They can be made to get attention of customers on exhibitions, display centers, mega sports events.
  • Retail Signs: are used to display sale offers, promotions, pricing, special offers, deals and upcoming products at shopping malls, retail outlets and business parks.