Al-Hafiz Co. offers unique services to diversify any business. Sand carving/crystal blasting service is a distinctive method of personalizing products and increases their worth. It is a great way to produce accurate artwork on the glass. We offer good quality sandblasting services in Kuwait. Whether it is a business logo, text or image, optimum results can be achieved with a sand carving method of product customization. Glassware for restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices can be exclusively customized using sand carving. This technique has diverse applications in residential and commercial settings and can be applied to a variety of substrates including, stone, glass, wood, and acrylic. Our sandblasted promotional products help our customers to grow their business in an effective way. It is extensively used for interior decoration of homes and offices. From shower screens, glass doors, glass storefronts, and glass partitions to decorative glass plates, vases, fishbowls, ceramic tiles, mirrors, and shields, it can be used to beautify interior and exterior spaces.

Crystal blasting can be used to customize acrylic and glass products for marketing purposes. Promotional products, expo/event giveaways, appreciation shields and trophies for employees can be customized using this technique to give the finest finishing. For more details and work samples, pay us a visit or browse our website for an in-depth insight into our premium quality products and services.