Why Digital Printing is Better than Conventional Printing?

Why Digital Printing is Better than Conventional Printing?

Dec 15, 2016 Copy Center by admin

Topical survey on the significance and use of print media proves that the need for print media is growing worldwide. It’s the most operational methods of publicity and communication. If we look into advertising the specific products or services; the printed things such as colorful brochures, handouts, canvases, posters, and billboards are very beautiful, it attracts many potential clients.

Now the question arise in everyone minds which type of printing method is helpful nowadays? Is it Conventional Printing or designers go on with Digital printing method? Let’s put some light on which one is a better option at this time.

Difference between Conventional Printing and Digital Printing

Firstly, we can have some discussion on conventional and digital printing services, then move towards on digital printing:

Conventional Printing

Conventional printing is also known as Lithography printing. It is the most commonly and high demand used printing technology. Behind this printing, the selected print illustrator is burned onto a plate and then it moves from that plate to a rubber salver blanket, and then it will be on printing spread. This process relies on the mixture of oil and water. The printed illustrator receive ink from ink rollers while the non-printed areas induce water and make it ink free.

Lithography printing looks very difficult but on the other side, it’s very important for print media and graphic designing. What about digital printing process? Let’s dig into it what can it do?

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the state-of-art printing process with the usage of a laser and ink jet. This type of printing contain a picture to be printed is sited directly to the printer using digital files getting from the designing software like Illustrator. The mechanical requirements of printing plates are no longer in need. Therefore, this printing is less expensive than conventional. Because printing is no longer in need, it can create faster and accurate results. Nowadays digital printing has higher demand in the market than conventional.

One more benefit of digital printing is, instead of printing a huge quantity of advanced runs of a specific printing material, a job order can be prepared for as small as a single print. However, the lithographic process can still arise with little good printing outputs; the digital process of printing is continually improving their status on quality printing at fewer rates.

Al-Hafiz Design & Printing Kuwait digital printing has made a great touch in the advertising field. It strengthens print media to more good-looking and accessible. If we see a few decades back when an individual specifically hired a professional for just advertising his products and services. Now entrepreneurs and proprietress can enjoy advertising without spending a single penny.

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