Wallpaper Design 2017


It take lots of effort, style and professionalism to create a high impact experience. Whether it’s a home or an office, it is very important to create a space that is welcoming, functional and comfortable. Use of wallpapers is a very popular way to change the face of office interiors and creating a lasting first impression. Wallpapers are perfect choice for new business start-ups, offices, cafes, hospitals, government buildings, museums, homes and also for the up lift of contemporary interiors that need eye catching and versatile outlook.


As the name suggests, Arab style wallpapers consist of patterns that originate in Arab countries. Modern Arab wallpapers are blend of creative religious interpretations and Islamic architecture. Bold use of colors comes to mind when we think of Arab wallpapers.  Earthy tones with a blend of red, gold and orange ads warmth to the bland spaces.

Use of Arab style wallpapers is a great way to give an oriental look to your work place without much effort and investment. Arab wallpapers are not only fascinating, they have a tendency to blend with other elements to create a modern, visually appealing and inviting environment.

The use and style of wallpapers have changed dramatically within past few years. Simple textures and patterns are replaced by digitally created patterns and exciting designs.

Here are a few unorthodox Arab Style wallpapers that are trending in 2017:

  • GEOMETRIC WALLPAPERS: Geometric design in Arab art is a combination of repeated circles and squares to create complex patterns. These repetitions signify infinite power of Allah SWT. The use of geometric designs in wallpapers can add depth and create a bold and fresh feel.
  • ZOOMORPHIC WALLPARES: Islamic art avoids the use of figures. Islamic art introduced figural representations in its decorative calligraphy. In zoomorphic calligraphy, the words are manipulated into the shape of a human figure, bird, animal or object. They can be used as a center wall piece with geometric borders.
  • ARAB STYLE WALL DECALS: Wall decals are quick and easy way to transform any space. They can be used alone or as part of wallpapers. They can be easily applied and removed without damaging the walls. They can be applied to walls, doors, smooth and semi textured surfaces. They are available as Quranic Surats and Ayats, Islamic quotes, Duas, names of Allah SWT and can be customized to cover full walls or portions of walls.
  • MOROCCAN WALLPAPERS: Moroccan wallpapers are trending in most parts of the globe. They can be used to revamp any space without much effort.
    • Different colors and patterns can be used to create a contrasting effect.
    • Lattice themed wallpaper can immediately turn the place into a piece of art.
    • Trellis pattern in bright colors is an example of perfect Moroccan décor.
    • Medallion motif running in a sequence or bigger motif surrounded by smaller motifs gives a harmonized look.
    • Multi-colored floral patterns are also a popular choice. The use of red, pink and orange gives an instant vibrant touch and make the entire surrounding look bright.
    • Wallpaper patterns made with repetition of circles, squares and rectangles are popular due to their association with Islamic art and aniconic nature.
    • Block printed wall papers are also a part of Arab/Moroccan décor. They give an organized and pleasant look.
  • ZELLIJ WALLPAPERS: “Zellij” is a tile work made from individually shaped tiles patterned in a base of plaster. It has been used for hundreds of years for home décor. It was a sign of wealth, luxury and sophistication. The art of zellij is now displayed through digitally printed wallpapers in rich colors, complex designs that incorporate geometric patterns with traditional zellij artwork.
  • METALLIC WALLPAPERS: Metallic wallpaper is a relatively new trend. These are made with shiny plant fibers intertwined with metallic thread. These are more durable than regular wallpapers. They are perfect for smaller spaces due to their ability to reflect light. They are available in shiny and matte colors of gold, silver, bronze and copper. They can adapt to all modern and traditional Arab style patterns. The best thing about them is their distinction and flamboyance.

Al Hafiz Co. provides the best wallpaper designing services for your home, office, or anywhere you want to place. Weather it could be Arab style or any style you adopt we will set according to your requirements.

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