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At Al-Hafiz Co., we provide state of the art Binding services to our esteemed clients.  To give a sophisticated and professional finishing to your valuable paper work, we provide a comprehensive array of binding choices designed by our creative team. Our professional team will help you to customize the best binding option to fit your objective, budget and timeline.

Depending upon the functionality of your documents, number of pages and your printing budget, our team will assist you in selecting the most appropriate binding option.  We consider quality and aesthetics a vital part of binding options we offer; in a way that binding becomes an integral part of your conceptual design.

Sometimes it happens that you have got your documentation prepared for presentation and have it bound but later you find pages missing or maybe you put something that didn’t need to be there or is not in a correct order, now what? you might need to print a whole new copy again for a new bound. At AL Hafiz., you don’t need to worry about any such situation as we have got it covered for you.  Among the binding services we provide, there are some that allow you to edit your documents and make the necessary changes at any time of your convenience.

By selecting any one of our binding options, you can easily un-bind your documents and edit them to your required order. The binding options that our company offers will not only boost the paper life of your documents, but will also enable you to handle them conveniently.

  • PLASTIC COMB BINDING: Al-Hafiz Co. provides best binding options to cater needs of all kinds of binding requirements. Plastic comb binding is an economical binding solution which is suitable for manuals and booklets that may require editing later. You can re-open the combs if you need to make any changes. It’s easy to handle and time effective.
  • SLIDE BINDING: Besides high-end binding solutions, we also offer slide binding which is a very economical way of binding as it does not require any machine. If you are intending to present your business intro at an exhibition or a trade show, slide binding is the best option for your written content. The best thing about slide binding is that, you can easily slide the binder off the document for editing purposes.
  • ZIP BINDING: At Al-Hafiz Co., we strive to provide you with latest and most suited binding options keeping in mind your specific requirements. Zip binding is one such binding option which looks like twin-loop wire spines. It gives your documents an upscale look. It may look like wire spines but best thing about this kind of binding is that you can re-open your documents. It is provided with a special tool which is used to open the spine to add or remove pages.
  • PRO CLICK BINDING: Another latest kind of binding solution provided by Al-Hafiz Co. is pro click binding, which resembles zip binding but its simpler as it does not require any machine for binding or unbinding. It comes in four colors (black, navy blue, white and frost) and different diameters.
  • THERMAL BINDING: With professional staff and latest techniques at hand, Al-Hafiz Co. offers thermal binding option which is mostly used in the binding of books that require highly polished look. Additional benefit is its ability to unbind the book if needed. The binding is done by melted adhesive that secures the pages in place. In case of editing later, the book is placed again in the machine that melts the adhesive, so the pages can be replaced without damaging the book.
  • VELVET BOUND BOX FILE: Al-Hafiz Co. has launched a new binding service for their clients. The velvet bound box file gives an expensive look to your documentation.  Its same as technical bound box file, just the difference is we put velvet fabric to cover the box. We have all colors of velvet like Red, green, black and blue. This type of velvet makes your binding more attractive and secure than normal book binding. Detachable arch wires with a 3-1/2″ capacity hold two-hole punched sheets, which not only keep your documents in place but also easily retrievable for editing whenever required.

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