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DESIGN GIFT BOXES – Design Your Own Custom Boxes

Gifts are an important part of festivals and events in every culture and religion. The history of gifts is as old as the civilization itself. Being social creatures, we like expressions of love, appreciation, gratitude and apology. Gifts are a great way to show expressions, sentiments and convey unsaid feelings. Several new occasions have taken […]
Personalized Gifts for Special Occasions

Gifts for Special Occasions | Gift shops in Kuwait

Personalized Gifts for Special Occasions: Gift shopping is a nerve wracking job. Visiting gift shops and shopping malls, roaming around for hours and coming home empty handed is quite frustrating. The whole spirit of the event turns into a nightmare. Gift presentation should come from the heart. Buying a gift for a loved one should […]
10 Ways to Get Ready For Your Next Exhibition

10 Ways to Get Ready For Your Next Exhibition

Whether you are running a small business or a big enterprise, becoming part of a trade show is not only exciting and rewarding it is also back-breaking. Exhibitions are a great way to get in touch with your customers and receive instant feedback, showcase your new and existing products and services, exchange information, meet new […]
Book Binding

Book Binding | Binding Services – Binding Solutions

At Al-Hafiz Co., we provide state of the art binding services to our esteemed clients.  To give a sophisticated and professional finish to your valuable paper work, we provide a comprehensive array of binding choices designed by our creative team. Our professional team will help you customize the best binding option to fit your objective, […]


Digital signage has taken place of email and print advertising during the recent years. Digital signage solutions that were once considered very expensive and difficult to implement are now easily accessible for all those companies big or small that want to make a huge impact in less time. The perception of advertising industry has been […]
wallpaper trends in 2018

The Unorthodox Wallpaper Trends in 2018 – (Kuwait)

Oct 20, 2017 Copy Center by admin
The Muslim history is filled with the marvelous calligraphers and had introduced new design patterns that made the whole world stunned. They have brought masterpiece artistry in the wallpapers printing and designs. The unorthodox wallpaper patterns lead the world into new mode of art. They urged people to come out of box and to play […]
printing tips and tricks


Oct 18, 2017 printing by admin
The print industry has undergone many changes from its invention in 15th century by goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg in Germany to modern era of digital printing. Traditional offset printing is still used along with modern digital printing by commercial printing companies. Where offset printing requires huge equipment, mechanical process and trained operators, digital printing is faster […]
Crazy Creative Ways to Boost Business with Printing
Personalized Eid Gifts
New Year Diaries in Kuwait
New Year Diaries in Kuwait