Digital signage has taken place of email and print advertising during the recent years. Digital signage solutions that were once considered very expensive and difficult to implement are now easily accessible for all those companies big or small that want to make a huge impact in less time.

The perception of advertising industry has been changed due to technological convergence and mobile interactivity. This technological advancement has integrated different apps, tablets, and PCs into a dynamic and complete signage solution.

Digital signage these days can be seen everywhere, shopping malls, eateries, banks, airports, hospitals, corporate offices, colleges, and universities.  Digital signage screens are more engaging than static display boards. Their major benefit is improved customer experience.  With time it has become more user-centered and user-friendly.


MARKET TRENDS 2017-2018:

Digital signage has evolved into a huge industry in past few years. LCD and LEDs have taken place of street signs, billboards, and banners. Advanced graphics designing has completely revolutionized the idea of digital marketing.

With every passing day, digital marketing professionals are trying to come up with signage solutions that give the clients full control and help them satisfy their customer needs.

In the year 2017, the core focus areas are personalization and integration which can be achieved through technically modern and advanced practices.

  • MOBILE INTERACTIVITY: The ability to interact with the digital sign is an exciting experience for customers. The integration of mobile devices with digital signage has become a very popular way to increase customer engagement. Use of Kiosks and Tablets has increased during the year 2017, due to convenience in obtaining information or putting in personal data. The rate at which interactive digital signage is growing is very impressive. The areas of utilization are diverse:
  • They can be used for wayfinding: a single tap can help you find a particular place on the map and the best route to get there.
  • Online order placement has become easier. Just a few clicks to get everything on your doorstep. It can be anything from food to clothing or buying airline tickets.
  • Their integration in the healthcare industry has made it easier for the patients to update their personal information, check scheduled appointments and allow patients to perform routine activates.
  • Getting information about tourist spots in a particular country has become a matter of few taps and clicks for tourists.
  • INTERACTIVE VOICE AND GESTURE CONTROLLED SCREENS: A huge advancement in the digital signage industry, during the year 2017, has been an introduction to voice and gesture-controlled display screens. These interactive screens allow interest based exploration by the users. Since gesture and voice-controlled screens are touch-free, they can be mounted high to avoid any damage. These can be beneficial for those who are blind or physically disabled and children. But interactive voice and gesture controlled signage is still in its infancy and will surely mature with time.
  • PROXIMITY MARKETING: It is wireless advertising within a specific area. The people having necessary equipment can receive the wireless signals.  This kind of marketing is restricted to only those who wish to receive it. The user needs to have the app downloaded and Bluetooth enabled to get special offers from certain stores, restaurants, and businesses.
  • DECREASE IN DIGITAL SIGNAGE COSTS: Since more and more people are becoming part of this industry, and although it is technologically advancing, the costs will surely decrease. The downfall in costs can affect quality but competing businesses will keep in mind customer satisfaction.
  • CUSTOMER PROFILING: Customer profiling helps in targeting only those people who will actually be interested in your products or services. Based on socio-economic status, ethnicity, family size and buying trends, you can customize digital signage solutions and increase positive outcomes. The better you know your customers and their needs, the more effective your marketing will be.

Digital Signage is evolving every day into a captivating and technologically advanced industry. Keeping up with the evolution process will be necessary for all those who are part of this industry.

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