The Unorthodox Wallpaper Trends in 2018 – (Kuwait)

wallpaper trends in 2018

The Unorthodox Wallpaper Trends in 2018 – (Kuwait)

The Muslim history is filled with the marvelous calligraphers and had introduced new design patterns that made the whole world stunned. They have brought masterpiece artistry in the wallpapers printing and designs. The unorthodox wallpaper patterns lead the world into new mode of art. They urged people to come out of box and to play with some unique Arabic patterns.

wallpapers have always had a universal appeal and tend to create a feeling of nostalgia for people through their colors and patterns. These designs and patterns have already mesmerized the world with their state of art unorthodox ideas. We can feel the beauty of Islam through these beautiful patterns.

With the passage of time, the unorthodox wallpaper trends are growing in good shape day by day with the touch of some modern art. Earlier, the Arabic designs were loved by the Arab and Muslim countries but now Europeans are embracing these historical trends. You can see their homes full of Arabic wallpapers. These designs have an enchanting impact on their lives and they are totally loving it.

As said above, trends are updating and being regularized with modern touch with respect to new era. The free flowing patterns, border lines and some calligraphy touch is in fashion nowadays with some soft colors scheme. Though they’re very much an enduring trend, but at the moment, today people would like to decorate their homes with much more personal, reflecting individual; taste and interests rather than a‘one style suits all’ approach. People are playing with the Arabic wallpaper designs with adding some geometric, stipes and bold centralized art wanting to create a historical, fresh feel.

Each year new trends are introduced into the design world. It seems that more and more designers are turning to the planet and its raw materials for inspiration. Let’s see what is in fashion in this year for unorthodox Arabic designs, patterns and styles.

Unorthodox wallpaper trends in 2018

Souk style:

The fantastic thing about this year 2018 is that no specific and one fixed trend is trending. People are embracing their own tastes and individuality and are playing fearlessly and uniquely with some famous Arabic patterns.

Souk style is trending again. The trend for the tastes, smells and feel of the Levant just keeps on going. It’s never been cooler to channel the spirit of the souks. Piling up with the patterned and textured wallpapers in vivid shades are adding a touch of Arabic style glamour.

Textures style:

My personal favorite as well. Really trending Arabic large-scale texture wallpapers and tone-on-tone colorways. This trend is getting very popular equivalently in Europeans and they are happy to decor their homes with such textures that create a dynamic, modern and graphic look.

Arabic Geometric style:

Geometric wallpapers with touch of Arabic art is in business. This year’s softer pastel palette works beautifully on the new geometric s, conveying a more feminine edge to a masculine style – particularly if you add a little metallic highlight.  The geometric wallpaper are fascinating the room and creating lot of interest among women to set their rooms with such wallpaper designs.

Calligraphy style:

The antique and historic mesmerising calligraphy art wallpapers are always in trend followed by this year also but with some changes. People who are inspired by an Arabic and Eastern aesthetic are loving the multi-cultural calligraphy wallpapers with inspirations from western philosophy, hip hop and street art.

Digital Arabic vector patterns:

With technology moving forward so quickly and allowing for more creative ways for designers to create wallpapers, the digital unorthodox Arabic vector patterns are getting immense popularity with the addition of little bit bold and glamour touch.

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