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At Al-Hafiz Co., we provide state of the art binding services to our esteemed clients.  To give a sophisticated and professional finish to your valuable paper work, we provide a comprehensive array of binding choices designed by our creative team. Our professional team will help you customize the best binding option to fit your objective, budget and timeline.

Depending upon the functionality of your documents, number of pages and your printing budget, our team will assist you in selecting the most appropriate binding option.  We consider quality and aesthetics a vital part of binding options we offer; in a way that binding becomes an integral part of your conceptual design.

The binding options that our company offers will not only boost the paper life of your documents, but will also enable you to handle them conveniently.

All Book Binding Services in Kuwait

  • BINDING WITH LASER CUTTING: Al-Hafiz Co. is one-stop-shop for all your binding requirements. We offer special binding with laser cutting and engraving service. We also provide laser cutting with metal, steel and copper insertion with contrast colors of leathers in front and back covers. It helps get more visual appreciation for your documents than conventional binding.
  • GLUE BINDING: Al-Hafiz Co. is the leading Glue binding services provider. We are the market leaders having years of experience in provision of quality work on all sewing styles, stitching and gluing. Our perfect customized binding options take care of diverse binding requirements.
    Shoot us an email or call us on given number to get a quote.
  • HARD COVER BINDING: We, at Al-Hafiz Co., provide the best binding services for the documents that require sleek finish and professional look. You can contact us for premium quality hard binding covers and get them customized with your choice of cover material, logos, color of cover material, simple or embossed writing, spine lines, ribbons and CD pockets.
  • PVC CERTIFICATE HOLDER: Al-Hafiz provides you A4 size certificate holders in all colors. We use transparent PVC slot on full certificate for clear visibility. PVC certificate holder can be customized for smaller sizes on demand.
    We have varieties of samples to choose from to make it a perfectly presentable certificate.
  • SPIRAL BINDING: Al-Hafiz offers a variety of spiral binding options in terms of color, size, covers and printing effects. A special kind of round and smooth coil is used, which not only holds the pages together but also gives high level of flexibility to the document as pages can be turned all the way around to the back if required.
  • SLIDE BINDING: Besides high end binding solutions, we also offer slide binding which is a very economical way of binding as it does not require any machine. If you are intending to present your business intro at an exhibition or a trade show, slide binding is the best option for your written content.
  • TAPE BINDING: Tape binding is another conventional binding solution offered by Al-Hafiz Co. An adhesive tape is used for binding and keeping the pages in place. Do avail our tape binding service for your simple, cost effective and low volume binding requirements.
  • TECHNICAL HARD COVER: Al-Hafiz Co. provides the best Technical Hard Cover Binding Solutions to their customers. We provide hot stamping in gold, silver, & blue color s to match the requirements of your conceptual design.
    Leave your inquiry through our website, or directly chat with us through our user friendly chat panel to get your job done in given time period.
  • VELVET BOUND BOX FILE: Al-Hafiz Co. has launched a new binding service for their clients. The velvet bound box file gives an expensive look to your documentation. Its same as technical bound box file, just the difference is we put velvet fabric to cover the box. We have all colors of velvet like Red, green, black and blue. This type of velvet makes your binding more attractive and secure than normal book binding.
  • HOT FOIL PRINTING: Hot foil printing is provided as a part of enhancing the binding solutions offered at Al-Hafiz Co. Whether it’s a book, thesis, assignment, dissertation or a scrapbook, our professional stamping equipment gives a metallic finish to make them look special. We offer large variety of colors to select from, but gold and silver are selected more often as they make your printed item stand out. Special dyes are used to stamp a custom logo or special design for a personalized look.
  • WIRE BINDING: Wire binding is a very popular binding option which is not only economical but also creates a decent and professional look. Al-Hafiz Co. offers wire binding in variety of colors and sizes to match the project outlook. You can use our wire binding option for your business catalogues, table and hanging calendars, note pads etc. to give them a more polished and impressive finish.

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