DESIGN GIFT BOXES – Design Your Own Custom Boxes


DESIGN GIFT BOXES – Design Your Own Custom Boxes

Gifts are an important part of festivals and events in every culture and religion. The history of gifts is as old as the civilization itself. Being social creatures, we like expressions of love, appreciation, gratitude and apology. Gifts are a great way to show expressions, sentiments and convey unsaid feelings. Several new occasions have taken shape over time to share sentiments. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Day to celebrate Friendship, Teacher’s Day, Days for Siblings and Grandparents are celebrated with affection and love. Every such occasion demands a specific set of celebration, from color combination to decor and gifts, Gift Boxes, specifically designed for the person, to show how much you care and are being thoughtful.

Today, gifts are given not only to family and friends but also employees, customers and business counterparts. In fact, gift items and their packaging have taken shape of a huge industry. There are large enterprises solely dedicated to manufacturing and selling gift items that have made it easier for the busy people to find the right gift for any occasion. Some people find it easier and exciting to shop for gifts while for some other, the whole process is very overwhelming.

On busy yet exciting events and festivals, it is always better to make lists and write down everything, especially tiniest details about gifts and their receivers. Once you are all done with the shopping, the next step is gift wrapping/packing. The most expensive gift, if given in an ordinary packing will surely lose interest and value, however, on the other hand, an ordinary gift in great packing will leave a lasting impression. The whole thing can be summarized in 3 words, “Packaging Speaks Louder”.



Gift wrapping/packing has become an art. With advanced printing and cutting machines, gift boxes in any design, shape and color have become a reality. Sky is the limit for options available and offered by manufacturing companies. From readymade templates to do-it-yourself gift box patterns and easy to download, print and assemble gift boxes, wide variety of options are available.

Gift boxes can be customized for themed birthdays and specific occasions like animal shaped and printed birthday favor boxes for Jungle themed birthday or especially designed/Made-to-match the theme Bidh Boxes for Wedding/Nikah. 

Besides gift boxes made out of paper/cardboard, fabric pouches and acrylic boxes are also used as an alternate to boxes. Fabric pouches made out of fancy fabric, with customized text printed on them with digital fabric printing will be surely admired by guests. See through acrylic boxes are best option to present chocolates and sweets not only at family functions but also in business circle. Styrofoam food boxes that are light weight and easy to carry around can be used at promotional events and exhibitions (with company name and logo printed on them) to serve food and snacks.  

Al Hafiz Co. is not only a one stop shop for gift items, but we also provide you with numerous packing options. You can choose from our pre-designed gift boxes or you can come up with your own design. We offer paper and card board boxes that can be shaped in any desired style and are more environment-friendly and biodegradable.

Incorporate our state-of-the-art laser cutting/engraving service and hot foil stamping to create gift boxes that will be unique and super trendy. Special occasion boxes finished with laser markings, die cutting, acrylic boxes with metal finishing are to name a few from a huge list of customization options that we offer.


Besides custom gift box designing, we at Al Hafiz Co. offer customized full color UV printing to make the gift box one-of-its-kind. Whether it is single color printing or multiple colors, we can produce each gift box to its perfection. For us, customer satisfaction is utmost priority.

Gift boxes for family and friends with family pictures, special messages, names of the receivers and small quotes will make huge impact but it is the businesses that benefit more from custom printed gift boxes. A corporate gift in perfect packaging with your company’s logo or brand name is a great way to grab attention of customers. You can create the most original gift boxes for clients and business counterparts. Whether it is your product that needs packaging or a gift, we can provide custom printed boxes to help you stand out of the crowd.


Whether you are out on a quest to find the most suitable gift for an important occasion or you are big/small enterprise, planning promotional giveaways or corporate gifts for annual functions, Al Hafiz Kuwait provides you with everything related to gifts, under one roof.

We offer wide range of customization options for gift boxes, which enable you to choose your desired size, color, shape and text, all tailored to fit into your budget. We use all available resources to satisfy, accommodate and facilitate our customers.

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