Personalized Laptop Stickers – Laptop Branding in Kuwait

Laptop Branding in Kuwait

Personalized Laptop Stickers – Laptop Branding in Kuwait

The significance of computers in this modern era cannot be negated. The system of almost every department, institution and organization has been computerized due to ease and convenience it offers. Since you cannot use computers while on the go, the idea of portable personal computer popped up in 1968.  The first portable computer was presented to the world by IBM in 1975.

A laptop contains all the components of a PC including display screen, keyboard, speakers, hard drive, memory, processor and pointing devices in a single unit. Laptops are used in offices, educational institutions, for playing games, surfing internet and for general home use.

With time, personalization has become an integral part of design industry. To be seen and heard, businesses need their brand names and logos on everything they produce and offer. In this era of competition, if you are not personalizing your products, you will be kicked out of the race in no time.

Laptops given to the students by institutions and to the employees by their companies are personalized with logo/Designing or institution name. Laptop skins/wraps are not only used for promotional purposes but they are also super trendy.


At Al Hafiz Co., our team of expert designers is always challenged to come up with unique and distinctive ideas. These ideas are not only appealing but also functional. Laptop branding is one of in our services that we offer. Laptop branding is done to distinguish one company from the other. It is achieved by applying a durable and finest finish to the outer cover without touching the internal parts of the laptop.

Our design experts, in collaboration with you and your team, will design a cover to match your company’s theme colors in matte, glossy or metallic finish. Our trained professionals will go out of the way to design for you a laptop cover that truly defines you. With a laptop in company’s branded cover, the company will be promoted everywhere the team members go. Laptop branding will uplift the corporate appearance of your company and employees.

A rather newer concept is laptop skins/wraps. Whether it is abstract art, your own doodles, family picture or virtually anything can be made into a laptop skin/wrap. These skins/wraps are vinyl covers are not only waterproof, they save your laptop from scratches as well. Fabric, rubber and plastic skins are also available in market offering more protection than vinyl covers.

Laptop covers, skins and wraps can be permanent or temporary. Where temporary skins can be changed often for a new outlook every time, permanent branding provides protection from theft.


 There are several techniques used for printing laptop covers according to the requirement of the client. Al hafiz Co. offers laptop branding with full color UV printing which is high-quality, durable and less prone to fading, flaking and chipping. Full color UV printing is best for vinyl stickers and laptop skins.

Laser Marking is another way to personalize laptop covers. With laser engravers; images, text and logos can be conveniently applied to laptop covers. Amazing results can be achieved through laser engraving.

Screen printing is another way to get covers, skins and wraps printed with proficiency and finest finish.

Customized die-cut stickers in any shape, size and quantity on professional standard vinyl are also popular among youngsters. Get creative with images, text and colors to create logos, some cool art, and favorite cartoon character cut in the shape of your image. These stickers are manufactured to be scratch resistant and waterproof.

The trained professionals and designers at Al Hafiz will help you add flair to your laptop with a skin/cover that reflects your taste and is a true representative of your brand. We have pre-designed skins as well as wide options available for customization according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

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