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Kuwait Logo Design – Logo Design Kuwait

Whether it is a huge chicken or a simple big letter on a billboard, it suddenly reminds you of your favorite restaurant and the food that you crave for. Similarly a bitten apple isn’t just a fruit; it represents the world renowned company selling smart phones and laptops. Where ever you see these signs and symbols, you instantly recognize what they stand for and who they represent. These powerful signs and symbols are called “Logos”. These distinctive marks, symbols and images are a company’s visual identity. They have a strong ability to create a connection with the viewer’s memory. A well designed logo uplifts the corporate appearance of the company.


There are certain characteristics of a professional logo:

  1. It should be simple. Simple logos are easy to remember and recognize. A complicated logo containing lots of colors or patterns will not only be difficult to reproduce will be “out of sight, out of mind”.
  2. It should be original: Not only a logo should be creative, it should also be original. A copied or inspired logo will not only create confusion and misunderstanding, it will also make you lose credibility.
  3. It should be versatile. A company logo needs to be printed on advertising material, stationary, signage, packaging and promotional items, so it should be easily customizable and re-sizable for all kind of printing outcomes. It should look equally great on billboard, letterhead and favicon.
  4. It should be distinct. In today’s competitive market, a logo should help in creating a distinct visual identity for a brand. The company logo should help you to stand apart from the crowd. Most importantly, it should represent brand’s mission and values.
  5. It should be timeless: To be long lasting and effective, a logo should not be time bound. It should be designed in a way that it remains as functional hundred years from now as it is today.


Al Hafiz Co. is a one stop shop for acquiring varying kinds of services in Kuwait. Each one of our department is equipped with technologically advanced equipment handled by an efficient team with utmost professionalism.

Logo Designing is among the first climbing steps in setting up a business. In his book “Logo Design Love”, David Airey says: “”Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo”.

Our design team, with extensive research about your company’s vision, sketching and conceptualizing, will provide you a logo that best describes your brand. Our untiring team is capable of working round the clock for time bound projects without compromising the quality. The logo designed by our designers will not only be simple, functional and memorable but will create an instant connection with the products and services provided by your company.


At Al Hafiz Co., we have latest printing equipment that can cater to the needs for varying types of printing requirements. Whether you come to us with your pre-designed logo or get your logo designed by our designers, we can make it perfect for all advertising and marketing platforms, in both print form and online.

Since logos need to be printed on various substrates like promotional/corporate diaries, promotional items ( flash memory drives, key chains, sunshades, T-shirts, coffee sets, plates, water bottles, water glasses, mugs, cups, tea coasters and caps etc.), stationary (letterheads, visiting cards, pens, pen stands, lanyards, visiting card holders, table/wall calendars, wall clocks and desk organizers etc.), packaging and gift boxes, woven/non-woven bags and laptop branding services, it has to be  recognizable and view able at all sizes and should look impressive in both color and Black/white.

We can efficiently provide you with best designed logo and printed products that will surely help you and your business shine. Explore Al Hafiz website for the best services in town!!

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