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Who gives a second look to the piece of advertisement that comes folded in newspaper, or placed in racks in book stores or even handed personally? Well, you definitely would, if it contains the product of your interest, is offering a sale or if it looks impressively unique.

Brochures are powerful promotional tools that can enormously boost marketing campaigns. If designed with a spark of creativity, it can effectively project the inspiring vision of the brand.

Let me share some simple yet effective tips for brochure designing/printing that will surely serve as a visual treat for prospective clients.


  1. Take Risk: Think out of the box. Stay away from “normal”.
  2. Brain Storm & Sketch: Think about all possible ideas and make vivid mental images. Don’t forget to put them on paper.
  3. Stay Simple: Simplicity is way more effective than complexity.
  4. Walk in your client’s shoes: Don’t hesitate. Get to know all about your clients and their requirements.
  5. Cleverly select colors & fonts: Try playing around signature colors of the company. Simple and readable fonts are good choices.
  6. Show creativity: Incorporate die and laser cutting techniques and create an interest to open and explore the brochure.
  7. Keep it small but fun: Create a big thing in small packaging. Keep the size small and impact big.
  8. Create impact with shapes & folds: Create an element of interest by incorporating different shapes and folds.
  9. Compelling Content: Use short, interesting, comprehensive and to-the-point content.
  10. Call-to-action: Use powerful call-to-action. People should feel pushed to visit website or make a phone call to get more information.


  • Always select 300 dpi resolution for high quality printing
  • Opt for heavier paper for a better result.
  • Consider adding margins for print bleed to minimize design inconsistencies.

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