Gift giving is not just exchange of objects anymore, it has become an art which has given rise to a mega industry of gift manufacturing and packaging. Gifts are exchanged on festive occasions as a symbol of love and care, for showing gratitude, appreciation and encouragement. Gone are the days of buying gifts off the market shelves. This is the era of personalization. A gift is considered thoughtful if it is unique and one of its kind and the receiver can relate to it in some way. To add the touch of distinction, company come up with regular items designed to impress through personalization.

Customized plates make great gifts for all kinds of occasions. A family picture, a personal message, holiday greetings, birthday wishes, encouraging notes and spiritual quotes, anything and everything can be printed on plates.


Alhafiz Co. is a Kuwait based enterprise, dealing in all kinds of ready-made and made-to-order gift items. We have a huge inventory of exclusive gift items that distinguishes us from the rest. Our modern equipment incorporated with skillful techniques of our trained workers, we can produce impeccably finished plates with the text and image of your choice and turn it into a memorable & keepsake gift item. With options to hang on wall or place on table/cornice, the plates will surely grab attention.

Customized plates make awesome corporate gifts as well. With your company’s monogram, logo or name printed on the plate, it will serve as a perfect promotional item. This kind of souvenirs and gift items make huge difference and businesses benefit greatly from such innovative promotional items.

If you are based in Kuwait or neighboring regions, do contact us for Customized plates, designed to match your requirement. Discuss your ideas with our creative team and create something that perfectly defines you and your brand.

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