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Check and Buy Kuwait National Day Flags on Al Hafiz: Flags are hoisted and banners are put up, not only to show nationalism, they serve the purpose of brand promotion and visibility. Visually appealing and vibrant flags and banners get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Kuwait’s national day is a time of family reunions, get-together, plenty of entertainment and activities. People visit their friends and families and go out together to enjoy and celebrate. Children dress up in the colors of national flag. As part of tradition, Kuwaiti’s wear their national dress to show patriotism. Buildings are decorated with national flag, emblem and lights in pattern as that of the national flag. Buildings, business establishments and hotels put up colorful lights and the day ends with spectacular display of fireworks.


Whether it’s your home that you want to decorate, office, store or educational institution, Alhafiz Co is the leading vendor of flags and banners in Kuwait. Al Hafez offers top quality flags and banners in rich colors and best quality. The flags and banners are excellent for both indoor and outdoor display. The flags are available in all sizes for hanging on wall, vertical flag poles, and for horizontal beams. Flags are available in various shapes and forms as teardrop flags, BOOTHS, feather flags, Badges, blade flags, rectangle flag and post flags. Custom flags for outdoor display in form of flex light boxes, vehicle stickers and badges are excellent choices for public and private enterprises. Alhafiz Co also provide excellent quality poster flex banners, roll up, drop banners, pole banners, pop up and Roll up banners which are excellent choices for exhibition halls and offices.

Celebrate the national day with Al Hafiz and let us help you elevate the whole ambiance of the event. Since the presentation leaves the lasting impact, we will make sure that you that with our flags and banners you celebrate and enjoy the national day with zeal and zest.

Request a quote through our website or call/message for your queries and get ready well in time for the national day celebrations.

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