Digital Printing on Fabric | Digital Fabric Printing

Digital Printing on Fabric

Digital Printing on Fabric | Digital Fabric Printing

Apr 23, 2018 Copy Center by admin

There are several types of fabrics and so are utilizations. Digitalization has not only revolutionized print and IT industry, it has given a new outlook to textile industry. Digital printing has opened new horizons for not only fashion designers but has also been widely utilized by people belonging to education, healthcare, logistics, merchandising and marketing sectors.

Alhafiz Co. provides best quality and reasonably priced Digital fabric printing services to its clients in Kuwait and its neighboring regions. With 10 outlets in Kuwait, we are the leading digital print shop, providing top-notch services and products to our clients.

Digital Printing has unlimited applications and digital fabric printing is just one aspect of this multi-dimensional industry. Digital fabric printed has made it possible to print any design in any color combination on almost all types of fabrics. Alhafiz Co provides digital fabric printing for following products:

  • Cushion Covers
  • Sofa Upholstery
  • Office Chairs
  • Loose Fabric (For multiple uses)
  • Fabric for garments
  • Designer fabric
  • Flags
  • Scarves
  • Personalized Birthday Table Covers
  • Bed sheets etc.

With digital fabric printing, any artwork, photograph or text can be printed on any kind of fabric or textile product. Being a specialist in this field, Alhafiz Co has the latest fabric printing equipment having the ability to bring your thoughts and visions to life. No matter how intricate the pattern is and how colorful it is, digital fabric printers do the job without any restrictions. Choosing the right fabric is the key to a get the product that you have envisioned. Our design team in collaboration with printing experts will assist you throughout the process so you can get what you need without wasting your time and money.

If you would like to get more information about our digital printing service, call or email us. You can also request an instant quote through our website.

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