Custom Design T Shirts | Digital Printed T-shirts

Digital Printed T-shirts

Custom Design T Shirts | Digital Printed T-shirts

T-shirt is a very functional piece of clothing both for formal and informal wear. They are easy to carry and are quite inexpensive. They are popular among men, women and children alike. T-shirts have become an essential part of every clothing brand. They are available in variety of fabrics, colors, styles and designs. T-shirts are widely used by businesses for branding and merchandising.

Alhafiz Co is one of the largest enterprises in Kuwait, offering state of the art digital printing services. Our copy center is equipped with latest and technologically advanced printers having ability to print on different substrates. The print quality we offer is unparalleled, which makes us the most sought after company among the competitors.

Digital printing on fabric is also called direct-to-garment printing. It is a relatively newer concept. We keep a keen watch on industrial trends and try to remain as updated as possible. With advanced printers, direct printing on T-shirts has become possible. Sky is the limit for color and design options. Digital printed T-shirts are the most popular and hugely asked for item. Alhafiz Co. offers outstandingly accurate and exceptional print quality of digitally printed T-shirts in Kuwait. Our T-shirts can be used for casual wearing, promotional purposes, advertising, and self-expression.

Our digital printed T-shirts can be acquired for multiple purposes and utilization. Some of them are

  • National/International Events: Custom digital printed digital T-shirts for national/international event. These may include health conferences, educational and sports events, musical and theatrical events etc.
  • Brand Promotion: Custom printed logo, company name, company tagline, core message, sale promotion, product or service promotion etc.
  • Expo Giveaway: Custom digital printed T-shirts make excellent expo giveaway. An inexpensive way to reach an even larger audience. The wearer of the T-shirt will promote the brand wherever they go.
  • Reunions & Get Together: Custom digital printed T-shirts are a great way to show unanimity and belongingness to a group.
  • Fundraisers & Charities: Digital printed T-shirts are the excellent way to motivate yourself and others for noble causes with customized images, messages and quotes
  • Self-Expression: Whether it is your own artwork or an inspiration, custom printed T-shirts are a great way to express how you feel, what you like and what your aspirations are.
  • School Events: Custom printed T-shirts are perfect for school sports events
  • Personalized Gifts: T-shirts with photographs, favorite quotes, names, personalized messages and comic characters make amazing gifts for friends and family.

With digital printing, it has become very convenient to print the most complex designs and images on T-shirts. The digital printed T-shirts offered by Alhafiz Co. have crisp images which are detailed to perfection.

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