Kuwait Ramadan Calendar 2018 | Customized Ramadan Calendar


Kuwait Ramadan Calendar 2018 | Customized Ramadan Calendar

Muslims around the world prepare to greet Ramadan with rigor and diligence. There are several traditions, dos and don’ts that are associated with this blessed month. The most important thing is how to get most out of this month. It is important to maximize the productive utilization of time in order to increase the rewards manifolds. Ramadan is the best time to spiritually, mentally and physically. In order to optimize days and nights in Ramadan, one needs to be very organized. Proper division of time for prayers, social activities, household chores and office work will help you stay well regulated.

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Although we follow Gregorian calendar significance of Hijri Calendar for Muslims cannot be negated. Muslims around the world celebrate festivals according to Hijri Calendar. Sighting the new moon for Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr is a festive thing in many Muslim families. Ramadan calendars are a great way to remain organized and keep track of fasts and other activities throughout Ramadan. They are either purchased or received as gifts but are essentially found in every Muslim household. Ramadan Customized calendars come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Alhafiz Co. is one of the market leaders in Kuwait for top quality customization services. We use variety of techniques to turn ordinary products into unique items that actually mean something to someone. Customized Ramadan Calendar is one such product of Alhafiz co. which remains in great demand during Ramadan. Customization services of Ramadan time calendars are available for personal and corporate use and also for gifting purposes.

Ramadan calendars can be customized in various ways:

  • Suhoor and Iftar timings
  • Daily Islamic quotes
  • Daily Quranic Ayat
  • Good deed reminders (for children)
  • Images of famous mosques
  • Names of Allah (For children to memorize)
  • Ramadan table top tent calendar
  • Ramadan Wall Calendar
  • Prayer time calendar
  • Wooden and acrylic Ramadan calendar

Alhafiz co. is renowned for customization, designing, and printing of Islamic calendars in Kuwait. You can come to us with your own design or our design team will help you design a customized Ramadan calendar, keeping in mind your requirements. Ramadan calendars can be custom printed with company name and logo for corporate gifting and marketing purposes. You can gift Islamic calendar to your family, friends, colleagues and business associates. At Alhafiz Co. Kuwait, you can get premium quality Arabic Table calendar, Hijri calendar 2018 and Ramadan calendar 2018 at competitive rates.

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