Personalized Items for Hajj

Personalized Items for Hajj

Personalized Items for Hajj

Zul Hijjah is the 12th month of Hijri Calendar which marks the arrival of the most sacred journey of a Muslim’s life, Hajj. It is one of the five pillars on which building of Islam rests. With arrival of Zul Hijjah, when pilgrims start preparing for this sacred journey, their friends and relatives gear up to share their heartfelt wishes and sentiments with them. They congratulate the pilgrims and request to keep them in their prayers.

Exchanging gifts is an Islamic tradition. Hajj is one major Islamic event when people are keen on sending gifts to their friends and relatives who are about to embark on their Hajj journey or to those who are returning. Gifts, no matter big or small, expensive or inexpensive, have a value because they are given with love and hold sentiments. Personalization is a term which you hear more often when you talk about gifts. Personalization adds that personal touch to ordinary gifts and makes them extra special for the receivers.

Alhafiz Co. is the best place in Kuwait for buying premium quality personalized Hajj gifts. We offer exceptional personalization services for any occasion. Our recently launched Hajj portal has the best selection of ready-made and customized gift items.

Ready-made Hajj gifts include products adorned with special calligraphic text and images related to Hajj. They are ready to buy and present if you are running low on time. But if you have time, you can select any product from our range of gifts and get it personalized with a personal message, image, names and dates.

Select from this list of customized gift items for personal or corporate gifting:

  • Hajj Customized favor boxes
  • Hajj Customized Umbrellas
  • Hajj Customized Caps
  • Hajj Customize Notes Books
  • Hajj Customize Diaries
  • Hajj Personalized Tasbeeh (prayer beads)
  • Eid al Adha Customized Islamic Gifts
  • Hajj Mubarak Personalized mugs
  • Hajj Gift Boxes
  • Sublimation printed Water Bottles
  • Hajj Journal 2018
  • Hajj Customized Cards
  • Hajj Customized T-Shirts
  • Hajj Customized Mugs

Whether you want to buy Hajj gifts for friends and family or for corporate purposes, Alhafiz Co. has the capability to provide with top of the range personalized Hajj gifts in Kuwait. From selection to personalization, our team will assist you at every step to provide you with the most suitable gifts with your specific requirements, in your budget and timeline.

Visit Hajj portal on our website and get your hands on premium quality gifts customized as per your requirements.

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