Vehicle Stickers Printing In Kuwait

Vehicle Stickers Printing In Kuwait

Vehicle Stickers Printing In Kuwait

Vehicle stickers have gained popularity in recent years. They started as bumper stickers in 1940 when Forest P. Gill made the first bumper sticker out of paper, the purpose of which was to attract tourists. Since then there is no turning back. Over the years vehicle stickers went through several modifications. Until 1990s, vehicle/bumper stickers were manufactured only through silk screen printing.

Bumper stickers have been used for several reasons. Some of them are

  • Self-expression: share your ideas/thoughts about a cause, movement
  • Express political affiliations
  • Just for fun
  • Business promotion
  • For identification: for identification of students, company employees
  • For auto shows and rallies

Vehicle stickers, since their invention, have been widely used for one reason or the other. They are available in variety of sizes, designs and materials.

Car lovers around the world keep looking for ideas and products that can make their cars look one-of-a-kind. Luxury cars are a great way to make big impression. Whether you want stickers for expressing yourself or for marketing of your brand/product, luxury cars with stickers will grab attention in no time. Adhesive car emblems are another great option for those who like car stickers.

Where most people wouldn’t want to put anything on their cars there are people who love their cars fully covered with a customized car wrap. Vehicle stickers and graphics should be such that don’t damage car skin and are easy to put on and off.

Vehicle stickers are used for décor and business promotion. High-end brands prefer luxury cars to represent their brand for marketing and business promotion. BMW car showcasing a brand or product will catch attention of masses within seconds. Chevrolet with a full wrap of a certain brand becomes the ambassador of that specific brand. Similarly vehicle stickers are available for expensive cars as well as service cars and vans.


There are several options of vehicle stickers available for all kinds of cars. These include:

  • Window stickers: These are used by individuals and businesses for the advertisement. They can be pasted on side windows and back mirror for all around viewing.
  • Bumper stickers: They are the most popular kind of vehicle stickers. They are mostly pasted for fun and to convey safety messages.
  • Vehicle Decals: They are available in variety of colors and sizes. They are waterproof and are easy to install.
  • Vehicle Wrap: They are available as full and partial wraps depending on how much and which part of car you want to cover. It gives a whole new look to the car whether it is for adventure or for business purpose.


Alhafiz Co offers the best quality vehicle wraps for cars like Toyota, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Hyundai, BMW, Ford, Audi etc. in Kuwait. We provide custom printed stickers, graphics and wraps for all kinds of cars, trucks, service vans, sports and recreational vehicles to our clients as per their requirements.  Our vehicle sticker printing services are offered as part of exterior signage services for marketing and promotions. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with after sale services and maintenance.

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