Interior Designers and Decorators in Kuwait

Interior Designers and Decorators in Kuwait

Interior Designers and Decorators in Kuwait

According to a research, an average working person spends 1/3rd of his life in his office; the remaining is spent at home and sleeping. So workplace and home are two major places where a person spends most of his time. In order to enjoy healthy and comfortable life, these places need to be well furnished and comfy. Environment can positively or negatively affect your health. A comfortable environment boosts productivity.

The concept of Interior Designing isn’t recent. Even the humblest of homes of ancient civilizations had certain decorative elements. Interior designing emerged as a profession in early 19th century and the purpose was effective use of space, well-being of the inhabitants and to add an aesthetic touch to the interiors.

Interior designing transitioned into a full fledge profession by the turn of 20th century. Interior designing and interior decorating are two intertwining terms. Interior designing deals with planning and creating functional spaces according to choices, moods and behaviors of people. Interior decorating on the other hand involves furnishing and decorating the place.


Alhafiz Co. has a team of best interior designers & decorators in Kuwait. We consider client demands and specifications our top priority. Homes and offices have different sets of demands regarding interior designing and decoration. The organization of space, lighting, furnishing everything is different except for one factor – comfort. While designing and decorating homes and offices, the incorporation of colors, textures, and materials can make huge difference in the overall look and utilization of space.

Alhafiz Co. being one of the leading interior design companies in Kuwait offers:

  • Designing and decoration of corporate offices,
  • Corporate event venues,
  • Conference interiors,
  • Retail outlet interiors,
  • Designing and decoration of trade show booths and exhibition stalls

Our designers try their level best to come up with an interior that truly represents your brand, makes the best use of available space, is functional, in short a place that represents your style. We incorporate contemporary and ethnic ideas to create a space that is welcoming and safe for employees and visitors.

The furnishing, display stands and overall look is created to adhere to the theme and official brand colors. Our team of interior and exterior decorators will help you design an office or home space that is comfortable and reflects your taste.

Interior designing services in Kuwait are sought after by multi-national brands for their retail outlets, department and specialty stores, showrooms, corporate offices like banks, healthcare institutions, hotels, resorts, educational institutions, exhibition halls and all kinds of private and public organizations. We make sure that each project is unique and is tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Keeping in mind international standards and latest trends, we focus on functionality and affordability to be our core focus areas. Check our website for our interior design portfolio and feel free to contact with your ideas.

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