Restaurant Menu Cards Printing Services In Kuwait

Restaurant Menu Cards Printing Services In Kuwait

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Getting into food business is challenging and comes with its own set of stressors. According to a research, 60% of food businesses fail in the first year. There can be many reasons for failure and success. This simple looking business requires lots of planning considering the risk factors involved, competition and a strategy to make it work. Simple things if get overlooked can result in huge disappointments. Following few factors must be given full attention before starting a food business and also while you are running it:

  1. Cuisine: think of a single cuisine that best describes you or a fusion of different cuisines. Make clever choices keeping in mind what is popular and sells best.
  2. Quality of Food: Start little but never compromise on quality of food you serve. Restaurants often work with “word of mouth” advertising.
  3. Atmosphere: Create a restaurant atmosphere which is welcoming and friendly. Incorporate furniture, décor and music in a way to create an inviting and want-to-stay atmosphere.
  4.  Crockery: Select crockery according to your budget, theme and durability.
  5. Menu Cards: Menu is the core element of any food business. Menu cards let your customers know what you are offering and what is available.

Hotel Menu Card Printing:

Since hotel menu cards are part of a professional setup, they need to look professional. A perfectly designed and printed menu card conveys complete information about food being served, pricing and contact information. The design and colors should be consistent with brand’s logo and colors. An attractive looking menu card can get the attention of the diner and increases the likelihood of more food being ordered.

Restaurant Menu Card Printing Service in Kuwait:

Alhafiz Co. has established as provider of premium quality designed and printed restaurant menu cards in Kuwait. We offer menu cards in variety of paper qualities, dimensions and printing techniques.

The customization options available are

  • Style: Tri-fold menu card is three times folded sheet of paper. Best choice for larger menu where many food items are being served. Slim menu card (140x297mm) is ideal for smaller menu like for tuck shops, food carts and trucks.
  • Paper Stock: A3, A4, A5 and 100gsm are available for menu card printing. Glossy and matte can also be opted depending on requirement. Type of paper used depends on customer requirement and specification.
  • Printing Techniques: Hotel menu cards can be printed using silk screen printing. Overall look can be enhanced with special hot foil stamping and embossing techniques. Lamination of menu cards is also available.

Alhafiz Co. offers best menu card printing services for Kuwait based restaurants and hotels. We are manufacturers of custom restaurant menus and laminated restaurant menu cards in Kuwait.

Visit our website and request a quote for the designing and printing of best menu cards in Kuwait.

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