Back-to-School Supply List

Back to School Supply List

Back-to-School Supply List

Back to school is exciting for some students and scary for some other. No matter what the case, back-to-school is inevitable. Summer vacations are about to end in most parts of the world. Where students have to cope with the challenges of new academic year, parents and school administrators prepare for financial and organizational challenges. Mothers get ready with uniforms, breakfast and lunch meal lists and setting up the alarm clocks. Fathers have their own set of responsibilities that no one else can handle.

Back to school lists are similar in some ways and different in some other for parents and educators. In order for a successful school year, the items on the lists should be made available for the benefit of the child. Alhafiz Co. saves parents and school administrators from the hassle in order to get school items customized. We under one roof, provide all kinds of customization of products through printing, laser marking, engraving and embroidery. You can come to us with your own set of items to get them customized or ask us to procure and customize the products for you.

For Parents:

Schools mostly provide parents with the list of items they will need for the next academic year. But there are certain things that parents need to buy for non-academic needs like

  • Personalized Water Bottles: Custom printed name, class and section of child on the bottle will help him/her recognize the bottle.
  • Back-to-school gifts for teachers
  • School bags with personalized name tags or personalized backpacks
  • Personalized notebooks (if necessary)
  • Personalized Pens (if necessary)
  • Personalized Lunch Boxes
    Alhafiz Co. provides customization services for all the above-mentioned school items.

For School Administrators:

School administrators have the biggest goals to accomplish when school starts after vacations. Overall maintenance of school building which may include


  • New interior and exterior signboards (or repair of older signboards)
  • Wayfinding interior signs for washrooms, cafeteria and different academic blocks
  • Name Plates for the offices of administrators and class room signs
  • Interior designing of offices and class rooms (if required)
  • Shields and trophies
  • Vehicle stickers for school buses and other transportation
  • Flags and banners for events
  • Styrofoam cut letters and standees in different shapes and of different characters for school events
  • Backdrop banners and roll up stands for annual ceremonies


Multiple services of binding are offered to schools of Kuwait from Alhafiz Co. These include binding of different types of registers which may include registers for record keeping, attendance of students, daily log books for teachers and office staff etc. we also offer binding of books and notebooks which is durable for rough handling by children.

Some private schools in Kuwait get their personalized books designed and printed by us which are written by their teaching experts to target special requirements of their curricula for junior years.


Printing is a huge part of any educational institution. When schools start back after vacations they may require printing of any or all of the below mentioned services:

  • Printing of customized books (not copyrighted) and school magazines
  • School letterheads (if required)
  • Customized wall papers for junior classes (if required)
  • Certificates and certificate holders
  • Brochures and flyers (if new courses or events are organized)
  • Printed and die cut masks, hats and crowns
  • Laser cut and full color UV printed Acrylic badges and name plates
  • School ID cards for staff and students with customized lanyard
  • Notebooks with school name and logo

There are several other things that may be required once the schools re-start after the summer break including back to school teacher and student gifts, back to school gift cards (offered by uniform and shoe companies). Alhafiz Co. offers the best back-to-school customized services in Kuwait.

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Let’s make this school year FUN!!

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