Durable & Cost Effective Binding Options

Durable & Cost Effective Binding Options

Durable & Cost Effective Binding Options

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” goes well for the content of the book, but surely, durability of the book can be judged by the binding of its cover. Hardcover books have a reputation of strength and durability but several other options are available which are not only durable but also cost-effective.

Alhafiz Co. provides the best quality and cost effective binding services in Kuwait. Our binding center has the capacity to enliven your envision. Professional printing and binding services is one of many features of our company.

We offer top quality binding services to

  • Professional individuals
  • Students: thesis, presentations, assignments, dissertations,
  • Businesses: catalogues, brochures, newsletters, magazines, manuals
  • Government and private sector organizations: annual reports, staff handbooks
  • Educational institutions: books, notebooks, registers, staff and student diaries

We strive to give a sophisticated and professional finish through a comprehensive array of binding choices. Our creative team will help you select the most suited and appropriate binding option to fit your objective, budget and timeline. We consider quality and aesthetics a vital part of binding and incorporate both in a way that binding becomes an integral part of envisioned design. Of the top quality binding services we offer, durable and cost effective ones are as follows:

  1. Spiral Binding: Spiral bindingis available in variety of color, size, covers and printing options. A special kind of round and smooth coil is used to hold the pages together and gives the document a high level of flexibility. Pages can be turned all the way around to the back if required. It is durable and not heavy on pocket.
  2. Strip Binding: It is a cost-effective alternate to high end impeccable binding options. Plastic strips are used to lock papers in place. It is permanent binding technique and is more secure than coil or comb binding.
  3. Tape Binding: Tape binding is another conventional binding solution offered by Al-Hafiz Co. Tape binding is best for simple, cost effective and low volume binding requirements. An adhesive tape which is available in variety of colors is used for binding.
  4. Wire Binding: Wire binding gives a decent and professional look. It is a very popular binding option for not only documents but also table and wall calendars. Wire binding is available in variety of colors and sizes to match the project outlook. It gives a polished and impressive finish to notebooks, notepads, catalogues and calendars.

Mentioned above are few of the very cost-effective binding solutions. Alhafiz Co. is one of the leading providers of bindery services for printed products in Kuwait. Presentation printing services, ring binding services, glue binding, hard cover binding, binding with laser cut, technical hardcovers and velvet bound box files by Alhafiz Co.  are best in town and sought after.

Call us or visit our website for selecting the most durable and cost-effective binding option!

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