All you need to know about Customized Ribbon Printing

Customized Ribbon Printing

All you need to know about Customized Ribbon Printing

Ribbons were used as embellishments on dresses but not anymore. They were mostly made out of silk, cotton and velvet but jute, plastic and metal ribbons are also widely available and have variety of usages. Synthetic ribbons like polyester, nylon and polypropylene are also available in market and are used for diverse purposes. The main purpose of using ribbons is decoration and beautification but they are used for symbolism as well.

Ribbons have become part of print and packaging industry in recent years. Ribbon printing has turned into an individual business where people deal in various kinds of printing on ribbon only.

Types of Ribbons:

Ribbons are available in innumerable colors and shades to match a particular theme or color combination. Satin, organza, sheer, silk, lace, velvet, and grosgrain ribbons are all customizable types of ribbons. Ribbons are available in 1/8” to 5” widths. Adhesive ribbons are a good choice for embellishing cards, gifts and scrapbooks.

Techniques Used for Ribbon Printing:

 Gone are the days of plain ribbons wrapped around gifts. A gift tied with personalized ribbon is considered thoughtful. Modern printing equipment and techniques have made it possible to print on the thinnest of the ribbons with exceptional quality. Several methods are used but most popular and in-demand methods are as follows:

  • Heat Transfer or Thermal Printing: The image is first printed on a special paper and then transferred through heat on ribbon. Clear and crisp image and text results through heat transfer method. It is best for printing complex patterns and designs.
  • Dye Sublimation: This method turns liquid dye into gas which then enters into the pores of ribbon and creates printed patterns. Multi-colors are printed in one go through the machine.
  • Silk Screen Printing: It is most widely used, durable and versatile technique for printing on ribbons. Silkscreen printing gives excellent results on all kinds of ribbons. Customized ribbons with silk screen printing have sharp and crisp text and images. For multi-color printing, the ribbon is passed several times through printing equipment for printing each color.

Utilizations of Personalized Ribbons:

Personalized ribbons have diverse utilization. Some of them are

  • Ribbons with brand name and logo for corporate gift packaging
  • Retail packaging
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Personalized ribbon for packing wedding and engagement gifts, labels and favors
  • Personalized ribbons for birthday favors, graduation gifts, anniversaries, baby announcements
  • Ribbons for tying around sweets, chocolates and cake boxes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Card making and scrapbooking
  • Personalized ribbons for Eid, Ramadan and Hajj gifts
  • Personalized ribbons for health awareness, social causes, memorials and fundraisers
  • Personalized ribbons for dress labels,

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