What’s So Trendy about Print & Die Cutting?

Print & Die Cutting

What’s So Trendy about Print & Die Cutting?

Printing is a process of reproducing text and images onto any substrate using a master template. Die cutting is process of cutting different shapes out of a sheet of paper. Together, print and die cutting can produce multi-purpose jaw dropping products. Die cutting allows you to cut as simple as a circle to the most complex shapes with precision and finesse. Die cutting is basically sharp thin blades assembled in the shape you need to cut. It is a process done through specialized machines that cut several layers of paper with uniformity. Ready-made dies are available for regular and ordinary shapes and customized dies are made on order for special patterns and shapes.

Alhafiz Co. specializes in engaging customers with top quality print and Die cut services. So what’s so trendy about print and die cutting?

Here is the answer to this simple question: “It helps you design one-of-a-kind pieces. You can go creative with simplest of paper products and turn them into master pieces. It helps create products the way you imagined it and sky is the limit for creativity and imagination. There are several utilizations of print and die cutting, few are as follows:

  • Printing and die cutting of stickers
  • For fun activities,
  • Promotional items
  • Vehicle graphics stickers and car bumper stickers
  • Food and drink labels,
  • Safety stickers,
  • Box and package seal stickers,
  • Die cut vinyl lettering stickers for interior and exterior signage,
  • For crafting and scrapbooking,
  • Stickers for Styrofoam standees and educational models,
  • Barcode stickers etc.
  • Stickers for laptop branding
  • Print and Die cutting of Promotional Material
  • Uniquely shaped flyers and brochures
  • Die cut danglers and wobblers
  • Printed and die cut mailers
  • Promotional catalogs
  • Table tents and pyramids
  • Table and wall calendars
  • Business cards
  • Presentation and file folders
  • Printed and die cut company portfolio
  • Company letterheads and envelopes
  • Printed and die cut product packaging
  • Invitation cards and postcards
  • Printing and die cutting of branded plastic and paper bags
  • Hang tags and gift tags
  • Print and Die Cutting of Miscellaneous Items
  • Party masks for themed birthdays
  • Paper crowns for school functions, national events and festivals
  • Door hangers
  • Wedding invites and greeting cards
  • Printed and die cut event tickets
  • Bookmarks

Printing looks ordinary but with die cutting it becomes extraordinary. Whether you want to shape the entire perimeter or shape just a corner or edge of the printed piece, die cutting can break the routine with intricately sculpted patterns. Alhafiz Co. customized printing and die cutting of above mentioned items with precision and at competitive prices. Custom die cut stickers and shapes and face masks are our best selling items.

Browse our website for our print and die cut service and add a touch of individuality to your printed material.

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