Ideal Invitation Cards for any Occasion

Invitation Cards for any Occasion

Ideal Invitation Cards for any Occasion

Whether it is a wedding or you are hosting a birthday party, corporate party, house warming party or a graduation party, one thing that remains same in all these different looking events and is essential part of all of the events is the “invitation cards”. In this modern era of social media connections and relationships, where messages are sent and received within seconds, a proper, printed invitation card will make a difference. Although paper has lost its significance, but when it comes to inviting people over some important happening in your life, an invitation card will make your near and dear ones realize that they are important for you.

There was a time when hand written invitation cards were sent through special delivery persons. It took time to write each and every invitation card to last details using calligraphic handwriting for decorative purposes. Printing has made life easier in so many ways. With modern printing equipment, printing of any kind of invitation cards has become possible in minimum time and with minimum effort.

When it comes to invitation card printing in Kuwait, Alhafiz Co. is the name that pops up for designing and printing ideal invitation cards for any occasion. We design and print invitation cards for

  • Invitation cards for Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Corporate events and conferences
  • Baby announcement and birthday invitation cards
  • Engagement, wedding and anniversary invitation cards
  • Invitation cards for House warming and family reunion parties
  • New year and graduation party invitation cards
  • Invitation cards for fundraisers
  • Invitation cards for school, college and university events
  • Invitation cards for Eid parties and Ramadan Iftars/dinners

The reason we call our invitation cards “ideal” is that they are custom designed and printed, just the way our client imagined it. You can design your own custom Invitation Card with the help of our design and print team. Our team will help you select the most appropriate paper, design, font and color scheme to match your theme.

A few customization services that we offer are as follows:

  • If it is a seasonal wedding, you can choose from special themes designed for spring, summer, fall and winter.
  • You can choose any color from the color palette and trust us with the finest execution of your invitation cards in your desired colors or color combinations.
  • Select paper types from plain to textured and self-printed and decorate it with ribbon bows and lace trimmings.
  • For intricate designs, laser paper cutting can help achieve jaw dropping results. Finely carved designs and patterns will leave a lasting impression on invitees.
  • Printing with golden and silver colors give an appealing look to the otherwise plain invitation cards
  • Select paper fold type (half fold, tri-fold, gate fold) for the card with or without pockets and envelop type
  • Invitation cards in square, rectangle, slim or any irregular shape
  • Invitation cards with digital printing, embossing and hot stamping

Visit our website or call us for premium quality invitation card design and print service.

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