Fabric Bags vs. Plastic Bags

Fabric Bags vs Plastic Bags

Fabric Bags vs. Plastic Bags

Plastic, fabric or paper, environment friendly or not, big or small, disposable or re-usable, bag is a basic necessity. Bags come in variety of materials, shapes, designs, colors and names. Like every other thing, they also have revolutionized over time. The debate between plastic vs paper bags has been going on for decades but both are popular and massively used. Plastic and fabric bags have advantages and disadvantages of their own but both are manufactured at large scales for beneficial of mankind.

Fabric Bags:

Fabric bags are made with different kinds of fibers like silk, jute, cotton and wool. They have several uses including packaging and easy transportation of stuff. Here are some of the advantages of fabric bags:

  • They are re-usable and hence do not add to the litter of the world
  • They are durable since they are made out of woven fabric and can carry more weight than plastic bags.
  • They are environment-friendly as they are not hazardous for animals.
  • They are cost effective
  • They are light weight and washable.
  • Branded fabric bags are an excellent promotional item since they would be kept for years by customers.
  • They can be used for variety of purposes including grocery shopping, storage and even plantation.

Alhafiz Co. offers premium quality customization services in Kuwait for all kinds of fabric bags. The most sought after types are:

  • Customized Tote Bags
  • Customized Drawstring Bags
  • Fabric Gift Bags
  • Customized fabric bags and pouches for weddings

Bags can be custom printed using silk screen printing, sublimation printing and spangle printing. Company name, logo, text and pictures can be printed on woven, non-woven and parachute bags.

Plastic Bags:

Plastic bags come in conventional designs and shapes. Although there have been several discussions about how harmful they can be, the use of plastic bags is inevitable. They are most widely used types of bags across the globe. If disposed properly, plastic bags come in very handy in terms of cost and durability. Since they take less space and less material, they are referred to as minimum or reduced packaging.

They are mainly used for

  • Grocery shopping
  • Putting in books and magazines
  • Bagging Fruits and vegetables
  • Chemicals
  • Waste disposal

Alhafiz Co. is one of the leading companies that offer customization services of hundreds of products in Kuwait. Whether it is a theme that you are following or an odd color combination, we have expertise and equipment to bring your ideas to life. Depending upon the requirement

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