Why Puzzles are Excellent Gifts for Children?

Puzzles are Excellent Gifts for Children

Why Puzzles are Excellent Gifts for Children?

Playing is very important when it comes to a child’s wholesome development. Play involves development of child at physical, cognitive, emotional and social levels. It also encourages involvement of siblings, friends and parents hence contributing towards creating stronger interpersonal bonds. With modern gadgetry and fast paced lifestyles, the amount of physical play has been massively reduced. One or both parents are engrossed so much in their office lives that they get hardly any time for the children.

Playing physical and mental games should be encouraged at all levels. Playing games help children socialize, think creatively, analyze and make appropriate decisions. Among mental games, jigsaw puzzles are considered most significant for brain development. They are engaging as they help the brain exercise. They are loved by kids and elders alike. They make excellent gifts for all kinds of events and occasions. Here are the reasons why

  • Problem Solving: since puzzles are one big picture divided into smaller parts to be assembled, they encourage problem-solving. Putting all pieces in a way that it makes one complete image takes thinking, practice and patience.
  • Fine Motor Development: It involves grasping, holding and pinching which in turns strengthen their muscles and coordination.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Puzzles improve hand and eye coordination. Holding pieces and putting them in appropriate places needs the coordination of what eyes are seeing and where hands need to put a particular puzzle piece.
  • Social Skills: Puzzles can be played individually and with siblings, friends and parents as well. In any case they enhance interpersonal relationships and help children socialize.
  • Memory: Puzzles are beneficial for strengthening memory as well. With practice children usually memorize even the most difficult puzzles and re-assemble them in less time.
  • Self Esteem: The satisfaction of achieving something increases self-esteem of the child. Puzzles help children take pride in setting goals and accomplishing them. It improves their self-confidence and prepares them for bigger life challenges. They learn the importance of hard work, patience and reward.

Several kinds of puzzles and puzzle like games are available in market which include mechanical, logical, mathematical and word puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles come under the category of mechanical puzzles. They can be called trial-and-error puzzles and are of the most commonly played type. They are best pastime for holidays, vacations and family reunions.

Since puzzles have so many benefits, they make excellent gifts for people of all ages. They are unique and challenging and make excellent gift for puzzle enthusiasts. We, at Alhafiz Co. take pride in offering the most creative and ingenious customized gifts in Kuwait. We offer customization of gifts for all ages and occasions. If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to play puzzles, your search ends here as we offer customized jigsaw puzzle printing service where you can create your very own simple to generative jigsaw puzzles. Buy puzzle gifts for your kids, friends, and colleagues in Kuwait from Alhafiz Co. perfectly personalized for puzzle lovers.

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