Customized Crockery in Food Businesses

Importance of Customized Crockery in Food Businesses

There was a time when eating out was not customary. The birth of restaurant took place in Paris in 18th century and there was no looking back after that. They grew in number, style and type of food and services they offer. Today, there are more restaurants and eateries than any other business in every city. From simple inexpensive food trucks and cafeterias to seven star luxurious hotels and beyond that, several kinds of meals and cuisines are served for food lovers.

Going out and having meal in any kind of restaurant is convenient but running a restaurant or food business is very challenging. Whether it’s a multi dish menu or single item you want to serve, the stressors and risk factors are beyond imagination. Out of many pillars that food business rests on, a few are as follows:

  1. Menu: Think it through. Menu whether simple or comprising of variety of dishes, should be thoroughly thought-out. Less but amazing tasting dishes are better than more bland and tasteless dishes.
  2. Quality and Hygiene: Food served should be of best quality. You would never want your customers having hospital visits after eating your food. Cleanliness attracts customers.
  3. Ambience: Make the food lovers enjoy their food in an atmosphere that is pleasant, welcoming and comfortable.
  4. Staff: Train staff to be polite and courteous to the visitors.
  5. Crockery and Tableware: Plan well before buying crockery and tableware. Select plates, glasses, cutlery, table cloth and décor keeping in mind the theme, budget and longevity.

Above are to name a few elements that should be considered vital in a food business but let’s talk about the importance of customized crockery in food business. Branding helps associate your products to your business. You can always serve food in plain or disposable plates and glasses but it won’t give your business a legit look. Company name or logo printed on a piece of paper turns it into a business card or a letterhead. That is what personalized crockery does to your food business; it endorses you as a professional enterprise that is doing some serious business.

Alhafiz Co. has been helping big and small enterprises with their top-notch branding services in Kuwait. We offer customization services to food business in the following areas:

  • Customization of plates: We offer custom printing of brand name and logo on dinner plates of different sizes. You can bring your own sets of plates or ask us to procure the kind of plates you require and get them custom printed.
  • Customized Water Glass: Whether you require water glass for your corporate office or restaurant, we offer best quality printing on water glasses.
  • Customized Mugs, Cups and Coffee sets: From sublimation printing to magic mugs, we offer all kinds of image printing on mugs, cups and coffee sets for personal and business use.
  • Customized Tea Coasters: Acrylic, wooden and forex tea coasters customized using engraving and sublimation printing will become an attractive part of your food business.

If you have started a food business or thinking about starting one in Kuwait or its neighboring regions, visit or contact Alhafiz Co. for customized crockery sets, plates and dinnerware for contemporary hotels and fast food restaurants.

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