Styrofoam Simple yet Versatile

Styrofoam – Simple yet Versatile

Styrofoam, polystyrene foam or blue board is a material most commonly used for packaging and insulation. This material is also used for making disposable cups and food packaging. This simple and delicate material is very versatile. In this article, we will talk about usage of Styrofoam for crafting and décor. Alhafiz Co. tries to come
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Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving – An Artful Technique

Making impression on an object using laser is called laser engraving. It is an artful technique to beautify objects without the use of inks. A laser beam, without getting in touch with the substrate, creates accurate and amazing images. It gives a carved look and you can feel the engraved surface. Laser has the ability
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Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing – The Bigger Picture

Printing any document at home or office has become a task of few seconds. Just open the required file, press “print” and there you go, print one copy or as many as the printer cartridges allow. Only negative point is that you cannot print large scale documents on regular printers. Large format printing or wide
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Impact of a Personalized Gift Box

Impact of a Personalized Gift Box

Gifts are meant to express love and convey sentiments. Selecting and buying gifts is a tedious task. Gift buying depends on a few factors including occasion, who the gift is meant for and the budget. Gift wrapping is one big part of the whole process. A research suggests that a beautifully wrapped gift has higher
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Interior Signage

Interior Signage – Making Way finding Easier

Have you ever gotten lost within a building? Looking for a particular room in a corporate office or hospital building? If your answer is “No” then you must say thanks to interior signs. Interior signs are as important as are exterior signs. Where exterior signs help people locate your business in a busy marketplace, interior
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