Printing vs Embroidery Better Option for Personalization

Printing vs Embroidery – Better Option for Personalization

Personalization as the word suggests means adding a personal touch. When it comes to personalization of products for marketing or gifting, several techniques can be used depending on which technique can be used on which product. Printing and embroidery are two techniques that are widely used by companies for product customization. Both can have pros and cons but both are extensively used. Let us see which amongst both is better for personalization.

Printing: Variety of printing methods is used for personalization. Here is why you should opt for printing:

  • It allows detailed images to be displayed on variety of products including mugs, pens, tea coasters, diaries, bags, mouse pads, T-shirts, flash memories and many more
  • Its versatile as any kind of design can be created using printing
  • Images and texts can be printed in any size, from billboards to favicons any image size is possible
  • It is cost effective

Embroidery: Here are a few utilizations of embroidery for brands and businesses and why they should select embroidery for personalization

  • It gives more professional look. Embroidered logo on T-shirt or cap will give a more mature and professional look to the apparel
  • Embroidered images are long lasting and will not wear off with washing and ironing.
  • Embroidery can be used to personalize fabrics only, hence the scope is low but it will create high impact pieces of clothing.
  • Embroidery can be used to put logos on lanyards, sports uniforms, towels, table cloth and napkins to add a touch of elegance.

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