Chairman Message

I feel very enchanted and gratified to briefly explain about Al-Hafiz Co. as one of the leading business enterprises in Kuwait. It is seemingly an independent business establishment that started its business expedition from a very elementary level with limited resources and a modest team of workers around two decades ago. But let me express that Al-Hafiz was not only a revenue earning set-up, it was indeed a concept, an initiative with focus on matchless customer service and ultimate satisfaction. It started off with a passion to establish innovative and significantly high standards of presentation, product development and service level. This was in fact my dream and I am very satisfied to state that after voyaging through hard and challenging thoroughfares, the dream turned into reality and now we are one of the leading groups in Kuwait market and some of our units are producing exclusive products that our competitors are unable to offer. There were times that Al-Hafiz Co. had come across cross-roads and had to take very cautious and sensible decisions to stick to its motive. The ultimate customer satisfaction and had to sacrifice certain remunerations. We have with the Grace of Almighty Allah won the hearts of our customers and they are with us through thick and thin.

My friends, it may not be that difficult to reach the top but it is very demanding to stay on top and maintain your position on that prominent pedestal. This makes every day a new challenge and every moment to be on your toes and that is the spirit of Al-Hafiz Co..

Al-Hafiz after making its appearance on Kuwait's business horizon gradually paved its way through and ensured its steady progress with its succession plans. Al-Hafiz always believed and practiced more than one plan at a time so that the group immediately switches over to plan B in case of any failure in plan A. Al-Hafiz moved forward based on its products range, quality and unparalleled customer service. It started earning major titles and market share without pushing its peers aside with extreme hard work, precise and consistent delivery of its products and won the hearts of its clientele.

Al Hafiz was launched in the year 1996 with a bunch of very sincere team players. This team that had perceived the idea of Al-Hafiz in its true spirit and executed the pilot project was not a group of thorough professionals or highly qualified technocrats. They were instead very common people but had undying passion to work hard and sentimental attachment to do the best. They gathered around me and took an oath that we all will work together without any status consciousness and it resulted in remarkable progress and customers associations. The visitors, bystanders and casual customers started pouring in and our customer base became healthy and now we are very proud to have such a sizeable customer database.

Structurally, Al-Hafiz has 6 full scale operating groups stated here under:

1. Al-Hafiz Copy Center with 9 outlets in Kuwait
2. Al-Hafiz technical binding center
3. Al-Hafiz Signage Center
4. Al-Hafiz Printing Press
5. Al-Hafiz signage tools and accessories
6. Pakistan Business Center

You can observe that Al Hafiz group did not reach this peak overnight. It was in fact the fruits of honesty, dedication, commitment and consistent hard work with focused mind set of having crystal clear business objective to give the best to its customers and retain them forever. Quality standards and impressive range of products to be at par with customers requirements was also the name of the game. Superfluous marketing gimmicks were not our cup of tea and certainly short term gains was not our approach.

Therefore Al Hafiz believed and has been practicing to increase its value added products for its customers. My mindset for business is based on very simple principals i.e. Learn to the core, do not hesitate to do any type or amount of work for your company, have in-depth technical knowledge of your equipment and your best tools, engage the best, devoted and sincere workers, deliver the best and be the BEST.

Today the business world is brutal and will not hesitate to elbow you out unless you stay as the Best. Other than being the best will very easily throw you back stage and you would be non-existent. Therefore struggle for the existence and survival of the fittest.

Continue having watchful eye on market trends and your competitors, development in technology, Customers requirements and their expectation levels and strive to come up to the mark with qualitative and innovative products.

Then leave everything to Almighty Allah. Sky will be your limit.

Hafiz Mohammad Shabbir
CGM & CEO - Al Hafiz Company