ID card printing in Kuwait

ID card printing in Kuwait – A Complete Guideline

ID card is basic requirement not only for identification but also for security. Alhafiz Co. is a trusted name for provision of safe and secure ID solutions in Kuwait. With specialized printing equipment, we can print PVC cards and plastic cards for virtually any purpose. Our ID card printing services include:

  • Printing of photo ID cards
  • Printing od smart ID cards
  • Staff ID card printing
  • Student ID card printing
  • Employee ID card printing
  • Visitor ID card printing
  • Loyalty & discount card printing
  • Hospital staff and patient medical card printing
  • Baggage cards
  • ID cards for exhibitions and conferences etc.

Id cards can be personalized using the following customization methods:

If you require ID cards in Kuwait, Alhafiz Co. provides personalized solutions for all your requirements. Here is a basic checklist of features to consider for ID card printing:

  1. Budget: Quality of ID cards mainly depends on your allocated budget. You can go for high end full-color printing, laser engraving and lamination if your budget allows you. Monochrome printing and plastic card can be your option if your budget is on the lower side.
  2. Single or Dual Side Printing: You can always opt between single or dual side printing depending on amount of information you need to put on your ID card. If it is a basic card with not much information, single side is less expensive and more appropriate for you. If ID card is for high end executives or it must contain certain terms and conditions, dual side printing is your solution.
  3. Printing Method: Alhafiz Co. offers variety of printing method to create professional looking ID cards. Laser engraving, sublimation printing, full-color printing and silkscreen printing are used to create innovative cards in competitive prices.
  4. Quantity of ID cards: ID cards are personalized and contain different information. Each card has a different photo and text information but a basic card is same for a specific group of people. ID cards for educational institutions can be printed in bulk and filled later accordingly. Executive cards are printed in single pieces with different information and credentials of each employee.
  5. Accessories: ID cards have several accessories that can be acquired at the time of printing. ID card lamination Printing, plastic card covers and cases and lanyards can be custom made in larger quantities.

ALhafiz Co. provides tailored services to educational institutions, businesses, government and private sector organizations. We strive to satisfy our clients to the utmost level with unmatched hospitality and unparalleled services. We are leading ID card printing suppliers in Kuwait and have gained trust of esteemed clients with hard work and commitment. You can trust us for reliable and secure ID card printing solutions. Visit us with your unique ID card requirement and let our team help you in the best possible way.

Visit Alhafiz Co. or browse our website for customized solutions!

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