Amazing Ideas for New Year Calendars in Kuwait

New Year Calendars in Kuwait

Amazing Ideas for New Year Calendars in Kuwait

2019 has started with new hopes, aspirations and dreams to chase. Taking account of activities, appointments and schedules is an important part of living an organized life. Calendars, table, and wall, come in very handy for management and organization. Alhafiz Co. offers customized designing and printing services for all kinds of calendars in Kuwait. Calendars are not only meant for New Year, several kinds of calendars are required and manufactured depending on the requirement. Here are a few amazing ideas for New Year Calendars:

  • Photo Calendar: Photo calendars can be printed for home and corporate use. Family photos, portraits and corporate photos of products can be printed on calendars. Photo calendars not only look unique, they have a certain sentimental value.
  • Calendar Diary: Checking dates and taking notes becomes easier with calendar diary. Custom printed company name and logo on the diary calendar will make it perfect for official use and corporate gifting.
  • Perpetual Calendar: Perpetual calendars are not specified for a certain year. They are valid for years to come. They can be made out of wood, acrylic, plastic, paper and combination of different material. With perpetual calendars, you don’t need to buy a new calendar every year. Alhafiz Co. specializes in designing and manufacturing/printing of perpetual calendars in distinctive designs.
  • Canvas Art Calendar: 12 canvases each having a different artwork and color for each month hung one wall will turn an ordinary wall into a statement wall. Family photos, personal artwork, favorite quotes and corporate images can be printed on each canvas to make it look unique.
  • Mug Calendar: Coffee is a daily ritual in homes and offices. Getting a calendar printed on coffee mug helps remembering dates and events. Get special days marked in separate colors or encircling important dates is a smart idea. Alhafiz Co. specializes in premium quality printing on coffee mugs. Get your custom Calendar mug printed today by Alhafiz Co.

Customized Ramadan calendars, public holiday calendar, Arabic language school calendars, English language school calendar, prayer calendar and Islamic calendar for 2019 can be custom printed in Kuwait by Alhafiz Co.

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