Gorgeous Iridescent Branding in Kuwait

Gorgeous Iridescent Branding in Kuwait

Gorgeous Iridescent Branding in Kuwait

Mar 8, 2019 Copy Center by admin

The dream of embellishing documents with metallic ink has become a reality with the arrival of latest iridescent digital printing equipment in Kuwait. Alhafiz Co. is the sole provider of digital printing that involves use of gold, silver and clear inks along with regular CMYK colors.

Iridescent Branding by Spectrum of Colors:

One thing that every brand and business requires to stand out and look different from others is professional branding. Iridescent branding will be a new term for Kuwait based businesses and brands as Alhafiz Co. is the only company that has brought this term to Kuwait. Branding involves putting the company name and logo on everything possessed by the company. From letterheads to business cards and stationery to packaging, anything that has company name and logo is called branded company product. With iridescent digital printing, we can do iridescent branding by spectrum of colors involving specialty colors on almost any company product. We can print business cards, cloth tags, notebooks, brochures, door hangers, customized branded mugs, folded flyers, die cut boxes, tent and wall calendars and much more using color printing with gold, silver and clear ink making it look one-of-a-kind.   

Documents Branding with Gold and Silver INK:

Whether it is presentation, handouts, conference notes, thesis, dissertations or any other piece of valuable document, Alhafiz Co. offers document branding with gold and silver ink. We help you make your document outclass yet professional. Addition of gold and silver ink will help your document stand out from the crowd.

Business Cards Branding with Digital Printing:

Business card is the first thing that you hand over to others in order to introduce yourself and the company you represent. In order to leave an impression, business card needs to be creatively and professionally designed and printed. Alhafiz Co. offers professional business card branding with digital printing now using specialty colors. Gold and silver combined with clear and CMYK colors will create jaw dropping business cards. Sky is the limit for creativity you can achieve with latest iridescent digital printing for business cards and promotional literature.   

Certificate Branding with Digital Color Printing:

Educational institutions and corporate organizations require certificates to acknowledge the efforts and appreciate the good performances. Ordinary certificates that are plain and boring, fail to express the message. Alhafiz Co. offers certificate branding with digital color printing. We incorporate gold, silver and clear inks to create amazing certificates that will surely catch the eye of the receivers.

Digital Brochure Branding

New product launches, sales and promotions require professional and artistically designed brochures. Digital brochure branding has gone to the next level with addition of iridescent colors. Alhafiz Co. offers professional designing, printing and finishing of brochures in Kuwait. Stapling up to 30 layers of paper with one or two staples, full bleed, trimming and creasing up to 5 customized creases has become possible with our latest iridescent digital printing service.

Digital Hotel Menu Branding Services:

Hotel menu cards are as important as food itself. No matter how good your menu is, if the menu card isn’t attractive your food wouldn’t be able to make a good impression. Alhafiz Co. offers digital hotel menu branding services in Kuwait. We will make your menu card look as good as the food itself.

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