Gold & Silver Printing – Metallic Ink Digital Printing

Metallic Ink Digital Printing kuwait

Gold & Silver Printing – Metallic Ink Digital Printing

Mar 13, 2019 Copy Center by admin

Creating marketing material in which words talk and images pop has become possible with metallic ink digital printing services. Alhafiz Co. offers gold and silver printing for the first time in Kuwait. The incorporation of gold and silver specialty dry inks with regular CMYK colors makes text and images come to life. Metallic ink adds a new dimension to the text. Exceptional image quality and mesmerizing embellishment effect will help you make a lasting impression.

Metallic Finish Business Cards

Business cards help you introduce you and your business to others. Business card designing is very crucial in making a good first impression. A professionally designed business card will help you get the attention of business associates and clients. Alhafiz Co. offers for the first time in Kuwait, metallic finish business cards. Add a touch of gold or silver to the text of the business card and add a much needed bling while staying utterly professional. Metallic finish using digital printing is an efficient and cost-effective alternative of foil printing.

Magazine Covers Printing with Metallic Gold INK

Magazines are of many types depending on where they are coming from. Educational magazines, fashion magazines, corporate magazines and financial magazines are just a few types. They contain lots of information and need to be printed in exceptionally good quality to get the attention of readers. They usually have a glossy finish with eye-catching images. Magazine covers printing with metallic gold ink will make it stand out from the rest. The combination of metallic gold ink on glossy stock will add an outstanding sparkle to the magazine covers.

Metallic Ink Wedding Invitations

The first things that guests get to see about a wedding are the invitation card. A well designed invitation card sets the tone of the entire event. A good invitation card isn’t necessarily expensive. You can amaze your invitees with simple but unique looking invitation card. Alhafiz Co. offers the use of metallic ink for wedding invitation cards. Intricate designs and unique patterns can be brought to life by adding gold and silver metallic inks. Select a card stock, choose a base color according to theme, and let our designers help you with designing an amazing invitation card by incorporating gold tints to make it look elegant and opulent.

Metallic Sticker Printing

Utilization of stickers has hugely increased over time. Stickers are not associated to just kids anymore. They have various utilizations in corporate world and are widely used for advertising and marketing purposes. Adhesive vehicle wraps, wall graphic stickers, window graphic stickers, pillar wrap stickers, escalator and stair stickers, hoarding stickers and wall branding stickers are just to name a few kinds of stickers used for marketing purposes. Metallic sticker printing by Alhafiz Co. is the latest addition to our copy center that will help brands and businesses look professional and distinctive at the same time. The luxuriousness of metallic inks will make the content of the stickers pop.

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