Gold and Silver INK Digital Printing Solution for Office

Gold and Silver INK Digital Printing Solution for Office

Gold and Silver INK Digital Printing Solution for Office

Apr 1, 2019 Copy Center by admin

Corporate settings require customized solutions in variety of areas. Branding plays a significant role in legitimacy and exposure. Logo and company name printed on everything a company owns help reach clients and customers without much effort. From business cards to letterheads and pencils to envelopes, everything must carry company name and logo for a professional correspondence. Alhafiz Co. offers office envelope printing with gold and silver ink for the first time in Kuwait. Adding another dimension by incorporating gold and silver ink with regular CMYK colors helps achieve unusual results.

Reception Cards Printing Gold and Silver INK

The whole mood and tone of the event is set by cards. The way a reception or invitation card is designed, defines how much thought has been put into the organization of the whole event. Alhafiz Co. offers reception card printing with gold and silver ink. Whether it is to match a particular theme or for a specific kind of event we can help you design and print one-of-a-kind reception cards. The embellishment effect can be created by incorporating clear ink with silver and gold inks to add dimension with exceptional image quality. Being a less expensive alternate to foil printing, reception cards printed with gold and silver ink will add a whole new sparkle to regular cards.

Diaries Digital Printing

Organization is the key to success and nothing can help you remain organized better than a diary. From corporate to school and personal, diaries come in variety of sizes and materials. Alhafiz Co. helps businesses and educational institutions remain ahead with finely finished branded diaries and journals. Digital printing has made it easier to print customized images and text including personal and corporate messages, motivational quotes and brand stories on various diary pages that can be used as separators. Glossy finished diary separators will not only look charming but will help convey brand message smartly and accurately. Digital printing helps create vibrant colored images and crisp text on customized diary pages.

Iridescent Digital Printed Notebook

Personalized notebooks are loved by students and professionals. Personal artwork, favorite images, landscapes, motivational quotes and brand/corporate messages can be printed on notebook covers and pages using iridescent digital printing. Get creative with gold, silver and clear ink incorporated into text and images using iridescent digital printing. Branded notebooks make perfect gifts and giveaways.

Corporate Company Profile Printing with Gold and Silver INK

Company profile contains every piece of information that you want to share with your customers and associates. No matter how effective your content is, it will lose value if profile isn’t printed professionally. Alhafiz Co. offers corporate company profile printing with gold and silver ink. Gold and silver not only add a new dimension but also elevate the visual value of the text. For an impressive and professional looking company profile try iridescent digital printing offered by Alhafiz Co. and add a much needed embellished effect to the most important document of your company.

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