User-Based Solutions | Signage & Way finding‎ in Kuwait

Signage & Way finding‎ in Kuwait

User-Based Solutions | Signage & Way finding‎ in Kuwait

Way Finding Signage: Whether you are visiting a new mall, city or a new country, you need to know the routes to get to the desired places. Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people (and animals) orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place. (Wikipedia).

Way finding signage is a whole industry where various kinds of indoor and outdoor signs are created to help people find their way. Alhafiz Co. offers user based solutions in Kuwait which include signage and wayfinding solutions.

Outdoor Way Finding Signage and Signage Providers

Roaming around in a new city or a new building becomes easier if you know where to go and how to get there. Outdoor way finding signs include all signs that show direction, places and distances. Outdoor way finding signs are of four types:

  1. Identification Signs: inform you that you have reached a certain place. The signs with building or company name, name of a park or museum, name of government or company branch are all examples of identification signs. Alhafiz Co. manufactures outdoor way finding signs using acrylic, metal and wood.
  2. Directional Signs: usually have arrows and are classic example of way finding sign. Turning right, left, straight, U, and exit are all directional signs.
  3. Information Signs: give useful information about when and how of reaching a destination. Caution, prohibition, safety and every other kind of information is shared through these signs.
  4. Regulatory Signs: give information about regulations and requirements. Reminders to wear earplugs, no smoking area, speed limits, off-limit areas and repair works ahead are kind of regulatory signs.

Alhafiz Co. specializes in designing and manufacture of all kind of exterior wayfinding signs. Channel letters, push through letters, acrylic signs, metal and wood signs, digital signs, monument signs, outdoor banners, pole signs, pylon signs, door and window graphics are to name a few types of signs manufactured by Alhafiz Co.

 Indoor Way Finding Signage

Indoor wayfinding signs are mostly displayed in hospitals, malls, office buildings, educational institutions and other public buildings for convenient navigation. Indoor maps, directional signs, kiosks and directories help find ways and routes within a building. Indoor wayfinding signs include signs that direct towards specific offices and rooms, washrooms, play areas, prayer room, cafeteria, room and floor number signs, stairwell and elevator signs, entry and exit signs and washrooms etc. Alhafiz Co. manufactures premium quality indoor way finding signs of all kinds. Acrylic standoff signs, laser engraved metal signs, engraved and laser cut wooden signs, poster and banner signs can be manufactured as wall signs, projection signs, triangular signs, pylon signs, suspended signs, desktop and tower signs.

Directional Custom Street Signs

Directional street signs can be made to share information about different offices, houses or institutions that are situated in a particular street. Street number, name of the street and number of hous