How your Business can benefit from Customized Signage Solutions?

Customized Signage Solutions

How your Business can benefit from Customized Signage Solutions?

Outdoor Signs & Exterior Signs for Business: Businesses need to come up with strategies and working solutions to gain exposure. Signage plays a major role in achieving marketing goals. Customized outdoor and exterior signage solutions offered by Alhafiz Co. has following benefits:

  • Customized outdoor and exterior signs display company’s unique logo and colors
  • Customized exterior signs attract customers
  • Customized outdoor signs help distinguish one brand from another.

Our range of exterior signs includes Flex light boxes, 3D embossed channel letter signs, ACP board with acrylic letters, laser cut acrylic, metallic and wooden signs, NEON signs, front-lit and back-lit signs, illuminated and non-illuminated sign.

Digital Signage for Large & Small Corporations

To make a lasting impression and enhance visual experience, digital signage offers effective and efficient solutions. Being the primary trusted source, digital signage offers unmatched benefits to small and large corporations. Alhafiz Co. manufactures programmable digital signage with following benefits:

  • Digital signage offers attention grabbing display.
  • Digital signage is cost effective
  • Digital signage enhances in-store customer experience.

Advertising Signs for Small Business

Small businesses need to make big impact. Advertising signs for small businesses should offer maximum ROI. Dynamic, vibrant and cost effective solutions should be adopted by small businesses. Alhafiz Co. offers multitude of solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes. For small businesses we have signs that are pocket friendly and offer several other benefits.

  • Window and door graphics help maximum utilization of available space for advertising.
  • Vehicle wraps help put available transportation to marketing work. This billboard on wheels will take your company’s name, logo, and message on the road and it will go wherever you go.
  • The signs placed at “point of sale”, “point of purchase” and “point of transit” will get maximum attention.

Business Promotional Signs and Banners

Any sign that lets people know about the existence of a business is promotional sign. Interior and exterior signs including flags, banners, posters, decals, POS signs, floor and window graphics and exhibition signage are all promotional business signs. Eye-catching promotional signs help businesses prosper and flourish. Here are a few benefits of promotional signs

  • The help build a reputation.
  • They legitimize the brand.
  • They help you increase the outreach.

Alhafiz Co. custom design and manufacture promotional business signs and banners as per unique customer requirements.

Illuminated Signs & Backlit Signage Solutions

Illuminated signs are more engaging and attention grabbing than plain signboards. Alhafiz Co. offers various kinds of illuminated signs for interior and exterior use. Flex light box, front-lit and back-lit signs, NEON signs, programmable LED signs and illuminated signs are custom manufactured for brand and businesses. Businesses can benefit from Illuminated signs and back-lit signage solutions in following ways:

  • They offer dynamic night-time visibility.
  • They help businesses stand out
  • They offer distinctiveness and versatility.

  Outdoor Event Banners and Signs

Banners and signs for outdoor events need to be in vibrant colors, durable and dynamic. They also need to be completely aligned with brand’s signature colors and theme. Alhafiz Co. offers most appropriate and impactful outdoor event banners and signs. Here is how these signs can help businesses:

  • Customers remember and recognize the brand through its signs so a well-designed and appropriate will attract old and new customers.
  • They project the business as professional and reliable entity.

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