Plastic ID Cards and Badges in Kuwait

Personalize and Print your Plastic ID Cards and Badges in Kuwait

Apr 29, 2019 Copy Center by admin

Personalized Plastic ID Cards: Corporations, educational institutions, private and government sector organizations need to be very careful about the safety of their employees and students. To ensure security and make sure the no one tries to impersonate an employee or student, ID cards hold great value. An ID card has basic information about the person it belongs to. Name, Father’s name, picture, address, mark of identification, date of birth, name of organization, designation, name of institution, department and many other demographics can be added to the ID card as per requirement. Alhafiz Co. specializes in designing and printing of personalized plastic IC cards for organizations and institutions.

 Personalized Badges

Badge is a sign of identification. It carries the name of organization and name of the person it belongs to. It is a proof that a particular person is part of a particular organization or institution. Alhafiz Co. has equipment and experience to design and manufacture personalized badges of various kinds, sizes and shapes. Acrylic badges with magnetic, button closure and pin closure, epoxy badges, laser engraved aluminum badges, epoxy metal badges, acrylic name tags, metallic color filled badges, heat printed metal badges, resin coated badges and laser cut badges are custom manufactured for corporate organizations and educational institutions.

ID card Designing and Printing

ID cards for organizations and institutions require specialty designing and printing. These ID cards can be printed on paper and laminated, plastic and PVC material. Alhafiz Co. has latest equipment to design and print excellent quality ID cards in any required material. We specialize in provision of secure ID solutions and take pride in delivering the best services to clients. Our clients range from schools and universities to organizations of all sizes and types, clubs, government and private sector agencies, hospitality and health care providers.

Plastic ID card Holder

To keep the ID card safe from weather conditions and daily wear and tear, ID card holders come in handy. ID card holders can be made to slide the card in it or box like holders. Durable and sturdy ID card holders will save the card from folding and cracking.

Custom Fabric Neck Lanyards for Cards

Lanyard is a strap that employees and students wear around their necks carrying their ID cards. Lanyard offers easy access to the ID card as you won’t require pulling it out of pocket or wallet. It gives a more professional look to the overall attire.  Alhafiz Co. designs custom fabric neck lanyards for cards in Kuwait. Company name and logo can be custom printed or embroidered on fabric lanyards as per requirement.

Plastic Business Card Printing

Business card is a significant piece of marketing literature. The more impressive your business card the greater is your chance to make a legitimate impression. A truly unique and distinctive ID card will not go into bottom drawer. Plastic business card printing service offered by Alhafiz Co. can help you design and create a business card that will stand out not only because of design but because of the material it is smartly printed on.

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