Custom Sportswear and T-shirt Printing in Kuwait

Custom Sportswear and T shirt Printing in Kuwait

Custom Sportswear and T-shirt Printing in Kuwait

Custom T-shirt Printing in Kuwait: T-shirt is the most popular piece of clothing. It is loved by men, women and children of all ages. Being easiest to carry, rough n tough and versatile it has also become a medium for advertisement and self-expression. Latest printing techniques has made it possible to print on complete T-shirt or parts of it. Alhafiz Co. offers custom T-shirt printing in Kuwait for variety of purposes. Personal artwork, images and photos for individuals, themed printing for organizations and customized sports related printing for sports clubs, teams and sport lovers. Names of teams, logos, name of player, number of player and sponsor tags can be printed on T-shirts as per requirement.

Custom Sports Uniforms

Corporate, educational and private sports clubs need to stand apart from their opponents. The logos, emblems and uniform colors help them achieve the goal. Alhafiz Co. offers unique printing services to people belonging to sports industry. Custom sports uniforms distinguish one team from another. We offer customized logo, team name, player number, name of player and sponsor tag printing on shirts and trousers. Whether you want one color printing or multi colors incorporated, we have equipment to produce best results with no compromise on the quality.

Custom Sports Gloves

Provision of excellent quality products and services distinguish Alhafiz Co. from its competitors. We have had the opportunity to serve wide variety of industries with various kinds of tasks. Taking on the projects of multiple kinds has strengthened our grip on the most challenging tasks. A huge number of our clients are from the sports industry and we have helped them with multiple kinds of printing projects. Personalization of team apparel is one of the biggest gigs that we are handling in Kuwait for years. We custom print text and images on sports gloves for individuals and teams.

Custom Cricket T-Shirts

Cricket is a very popular sport among people of all ages. Alhafiz Co. designs and prints custom cricket T-shirts for cricket teams of schools, colleges, universities, corporate organizations and cricket clubs. Whether it is white T-shirt with customized logo, name and number of players or colored T-shirts, we guarantee vibrant and dynamic prints. Logo can also be embroidered on T-shirts if required.

Custom Football T-Shirts

Football is the most played and watched sport in the world. It has fans and followers in every continent, country and city of the world. As soon as the time of football world cup comes near, fans from around the world start their preparations to watch it in the full swing. Customized T-shirt is the biggest part of watching world cup and league matches. Alhafiz Co. designs and prints custom football T-shirts for Soccer lovers, teams, players, sponsors and sports organizers.

Custom Sports Caps

Cap being part of sports apparel should not be neglected. Team logo can be printed or embroidered on sports make to match it with the sports uniform. Alhafiz Co. offers excellent quality embroidery and printing services for personalization of sports apparel in Kuwait.

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