Custom Corporate & Event Gifts in Kuwait

Event Gifts in Kuwait

Custom Corporate & Event Gifts in Kuwait

Corporate Gift items: Corporate events are of great significance for businesses irrespective of their size and type. These events not only give the employees a much needed boost but offer opportunities to generate new ideas for the future. Corporate events include conferences, seminars, trade shows, exhibitions and product launches etc.

Gifts are handed over to employees and customers on such events to gain loyalty and popularity.  Alhafiz Co. offers premium quality customization services for corporate gift items. Company name and logo can be printed (sublimation printing, silk screen printing, spangle printing, digital printing), laser engraved, embossed, laser marked, and embroidered on gift items.

Custom Event Giveaways

Giveaways attract customers like nothing else. Exhibition booth where most functional and popular items are distributed gets the most visitors. Customization helps distinguish products from one company to another. Customization is a process of putting company name and logo on the products possessed by the company. This can be done by printing, engraving and embroidery depending on the substrate. Sublimation printing and silk screen printing can be used to customize T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, drawstring bags, candle holders, stress relief balls, aluminum bottles, soccer balls, and file covers. Embroidery service can be used to embroider logo and company name on T-shirts and caps.

Promotional Notebooks with Name & Logo

Nothing is as useful as a notebook and if it has your name, it will become the most valuable possession. Corporation can reap the benefits of marketing through strategic planning. Putting you company name and logo on the most functional products and handing them over as promotional products will sure give an edge. Notebooks are used by people belonging to all walks of life. From taking educational notes to writing appoint dates and schedules, notebooks can help you remain organized. Promotional notebooks can be given at the end or beginning of the year, at important corporate events and tradeshows/exhibitions.

Promotional Water Bottles for Events

Water bottle is an essential carry along items during hot summer days. In order to maintain the body temperature and remain hydrated, sufficient water intake is necessary. This goal can be achieved by carrying a bottle at all times during summers. Water bottles make a perfect gift at corporate events. Company name and logo can be printing on water bottles using sublimation printing. Alhafiz Co. specializes in sublimation and silk screen printing that offers excellent results on all substrates. Heat transfer and screen printing can be incorporated to create amazing designs and prints on stainless water bottles.

Promotional T-shirts for Corporate Events

T-shirts being the items of daily use make perfect event giveaways. Personalized T-shirts can be used as uniforms for employees and gift items for clients. Promotional T-shirts, at any event, will gain instant attention. Alhafiz Co. offers premium quality customization services for promotional T-shirts for corporate events. Get Logo, company name, personalized messages, quotes, and images printed on T-shirts.

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