Embossed Wallpaper Suppliers and Manufacturers Kuwait

Embossed Wallpaper Suppliers and Manufacturers Kuwait

May 13, 2019 Copy Center by admin

Get the most luxurious embossed wallpapers from one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in Kuwait.

Embossed Wallpaper

Embossed wallpapers have a slightly raised texture which gives it a three dimensional look. Wallpapers are cost effective and dynamic alternative to paint which is costly and time taking. Alhafiz Co. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of embossed wallpapers in Kuwait. We offer custom printing of embossed wallpapers where you can bring your own prints or request us to design print to match your requirements.

3D Embossed Wallpapers

Wallpaper is a sign of luxury and sophistication. 3D embossed wallpapers have finest fashionable finish that makes them look extravagant and classic. Compelling prints and dynamic textures make 3D wallpapers glamorous. Alhafiz Co. offers custom printing of modern 3D embossed wallpapers in Kuwait. We can design amazing prints of 3D embossed wallpapers for home and office use. We have highly advanced equipment to design and print 3d wallpaper embossed for restaurant in form of embossed 3D wallpaper rolls & sheets to cover as much length and width as required.

Office Décor Embossed Wallpapers

Office walls are usually plain and give a bland look. Embossed wallpapers are a great way to add a creative touch to the plain walls. Office décor embossed wallpapers can be custom designed keeping in mind the corporate theme. Playing around the official colors of the business and incorporation of logo, distinctive, one-of-a-kind wallpaper can be created. Alhafiz Co. Embossed office wall stickers can be applied to power walls in the lobby or conference room to draw attraction.

Embossed PVC Wallpaper

Embossed wallpapers can range in colors from lightest hues to darkest tones and in textures from simplest prints to extensive geometric prints. Embossed PVC wallpapers rolls and sheets can be custom printed for variety of applications. From home to offices and from schools to hospitality and healthcare settings, embossed PVC wallpapers can change the entire look without putting much effort. Horizontal and vertical PVC embossed wallpapers can be applied to scratched, cracked, damaged and rough walls.

Embossed Wall Stickers in Kuwait

For those who require a certain area of the wall covered because of damage or any other reason, embossed wall stickers are excellent option. They can be designed and printed in custom dimensions, prints and sizes. Keeping in mind the theme and style, Alhafiz Co. designs and prints embossed wall stickers for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, kid’s rooms, living rooms, office walls, café and restaurants, hospitals, hotels, ballrooms and libraries.

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