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Metallic Postcard Printing Services- Custom & Standard Sizes

May 15, 2019 Copy Center by admin

Share your travel stories the good old way. Alhafiz Co. Kuwait offers metallic postcard printing service in custom and standard sizes.

Postcard Printing with Metallic Inks

Postcards were usually sent from foreign tourist destinations in old days. They have several other purposes in the present day. The utility of postcards has evolved over time.  From brand promotion to wedding invites and street marketing to holiday cards, postcards can be used when, where and however required. The use of metallic ink in printing is a relatively new idea. Alhafiz Co. offers customized postcard printing with metallic ink. Simple patterns and text can be made to pop with incorporation of metallic inks. Customized postcard printing gives freedom to play around prints, colors and text and create a unique postcard for any event.

Postcard Printing with Gold, Silver Ink

Postcards can be printed for variety of occasions. From birthday invites to product marketing, they have several disposals. Alhafiz Co. offers customized postcard printing with gold and silver ink. Addition of gold and silver ink gives an embellished effect to otherwise simple text. A hint of gold and silver in the pattern and text gives a luxurious touch to the postcard. Businesses can get more creative and make an impact with integration of metallic gold and silver inks into their marketing material.

Metallic Postcards printing with UV Coating

Gone are the days of regular plain printing. In order to make an impression, businesses these days require out-of-the-box ideas to create products that can actually grab attention. Metallic postcard printing with UV coating allows you to reach your clients with something unique. Postcard can be used for marketing purpose and will definitely be a unique idea. You just need a designer with extra-ordinary abilities to create an eye catching design and metallic printing with UV printing will do the rest. The incorporation of metallic inks will bring the entire design to life with touch of foil stamp like effect.  

A5 Size Postcards Printing

Postcards can be printed in variety of sizes, dimensions and on various kinds of paper stock depending on requirement. A5 size postcard printing allows you to put more text and image than standard postcard size. For those who require putting more products, services and informational text, A5 size postcard is the best option. Alhafiz Co. offers customized A5 size postcard printing for personal and corporate requirements. Themed wedding and birthday invites can be made to look like postcards. Marketing literature in form of A5 size postcards can be hand distributed, folded in newspapers and displayed on postcard stands in malls and retail outlets.

Business Postcard Digital Printing

Businesses can make best use of postcards on New Year and other festivals. Alhafiz Co. offers customized business postcard digital printing using regular and metallic inks. Send seasonal and New Year greetings, Eid and Ramadan wishes and corporate messages to friends and family, clients and business associates in form of postcards.

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